pcinto becoming a damned racist, and a homophobic blasted bigot—if only to shove a pencil right up the snouts of the smug and smarmy £$@%$ “do-gooders” … you know, those pompous self-righteous twats who can’t think for themselves, have no idea of what Free Speech or Liberty really means; and who with vast public display go all weepy-eyed at war-dead memorial ceremonies*.

In GODZONE** we have a particular Member of Parliament (one Winston Peters Esq) who holds radical views (if I voted at all I’d definitely vote for him~!) and he went to college recently—

And in a lively 30 minute question and answer session after his speech, Peters said the mainstream media couldn’t be trusted to reliably inform.

“I don’t know if you saw in Auckland University recently, the European club got shut down. No doubt you all followed it,” Peters said.

“Isn’t it amazing. You have got the Maori club, you’ve got the Chinese club, you’ve got every sort of club.”

Peters said the Auckland University Students Association had made no comments supporting fascism or the Nazis, yet was effectively condemned by the Herald and others for not speaking out against fascism.

That showed the mainstream media’s desire to suppress dissenting voices, he said.

The European club’s withdrew its application to affiliate with the University of Auckland after criticism and fears it was a thinly veiled white nationalist group.

Read more:  CLICK HERE

If you do go to the link (New Zealand Herald) I apologise in advance for the standard of editing and grammar and stuff. (Modin ejication, u c … as you no doubt spotted in the quote above anyway.)


even in Godzone you white bastards had better watch your sorry asses. Actually, perhaps that should be reworded: especially in New Zealand


*   Which I never attend not no more (I can’t stand effing hypocrites) …

** GODZONE = Kiwispeak for “God’s Own Country”


3 thoughts on “IT’S ENOUGH

    1. Not being a member, I (like you) can only guess. Possibly they were/are a bunch of Aryan youths seeking world dominance and the extinguishment of all Semitic-based religion adherents.

      Then again they may just actually be (or even have been) a Diners’ Club … or possibly a group of louts/larrikins/philanthropists pist off with all the strict enforcement of Snowflakism these days.

      Me? I nailed my colours to a cross years ago: Equal Rights for all without regard to race or colour — sole exceptions being the nice people(s) who don’t grant reciprocal rights to others (if I have to spell it out with an example: Islam).


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