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(verb) to ‘raise awareness’; to expand consciousness, to open (ye gods, ‘modern speak’ ain’t easy, is it?) mentally virginal innocents to the possibility of a ‘bigger world out there’. (Don’t wait up … )

Moving on: sneak thee a peek at the reference here. It won’t take long and you’ll be ever so glad you did. Go on, do it, I’ll wait—


to see what he’s on about this time:  CLICK HERE 


—or not. But the content, as well as being amusing, does raise a few questions. Such as “How can any sanctimonious bot-licking greasy self-righteous pompous smug little sycophantic turd possibly make a real person ‘ashamed’?”

That’s like religious twats dupes turke people trying to shame me for not believing in goblins. It just can’t be done, no matter how many holy books are thrown at me.



subjects of the reference—are they not yet aware that yesterday’s big no-nos are actually legal again, even recommended?

Do you remember the wondrous ‘Food Pyramid’ that originated in America (where else) and was almost made compulsory? The one that ordered (oops) recommended (okay, very very very strongly recommended) that you gobble all the good healthy starchy carbs you could?

Weeell … fats are legal again.

And so are eggs.

As is salt … but now we’re being told to taiho on all the blasted (good, healthy) milk and cow juice products. O tempora, o mores …


I almost wish I had infants to fire off to school* … then again, it’s probably healthier for all concerned that I don’t.


* Concentration camp for bugs, germs, microbes … aka indoctrination centre for programming undefended minds.


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