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Scientists point out, however, that 60% of modern-day people still lack the enzyme for breaking down lactose and just don’t know it, meaning that they experience a wide range of digestive and allergy problems which they have never had attributed to their milk-drinking.

Another argument that has been recently been debunked is that drinking cow’s milk increases bone strength and prevent osteoporosis. In fact, the skeletons of our Palaeolithic ancestors, who did not drink milk, reflect great strength and muscularity and a total absence of advanced osteoporosis, possibly due to the fact that research has shown we can get as much calcium as we need from grains and vegetables alone.


—whatever you will. I tripped over this topic en passant but feel that it should be shared; milk-intolerance is quite widespread (Spouse has it) but few sufferers actually know that they have it.


Dammit! I still love lattes!


In New Zealand it gets better.

Much better—

Instead, people who are lactose intolerant can’t digest the main sugar —lactose— found in milk. In normal humans, the enzyme that does so —lactase— stops being produced when the person is between two and five years old. The undigested sugars end up in the colon, where they begin to ferment, producing gas that can cause cramping, bloating, nausea, flatulence and diarrhea …

To read from source: CLICK HERE

—because we have ‘free’ milk delivered to schools for the kids to guzzle. (I have no idea if such enguzzlements are compulsory these days—they were decades ago and if a kid didn’t have a note from his parents explaining, and he refused, he got the strap. Not good, but all that lovely milk/strapping made for the world’s best rugby players, no?)

Given that nothing is ever actually ‘free’ I wonder whether this is really an act of kindness by the benign government & charitable donation by the milk-factory people … or simply an acceptable way of disposing of excesses without fouling the waterways?

‘‘New Zealand is the largest exporter of dairy products in the world but at home we’re not drinking as much milk as we used to. We want to be the dairy nutrition capital of the world and this starts with our kids.”

to read more of the ‘for’ :  CLICK HERE

to read of the ‘against’   :  CLICK HERE

And be advised that I’ve only ‘blitzed’ these articles—I just haven’t the time to investigate in any depth.


4 thoughts on “INTRIGUING

  1. I went ”practically” vegan two years ago and hardly ever touch milk these days. On the odd occasion where I have craved a bowl of cereal and have added milk ( I should buy soya milk, I guess but I never get round to it, considering I don’t really drink the cow stuff any more ) I have found it repeats on me pretty soon after polishing off the coco pops. I never ever used to have an issue with milk but now ….
    Milk in coffee or tea makes me nauseated almost at once – when I have had a brain freeze and added milk. accidentally – it does happen – and yet, at one stage I could not possibly contemplate drinking tea (especially) or cofee without sloshing oodles of milk into my favorite mug.
    Reading this it does make you wonder.
    Nice post. Good one

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    1. Spouse is adamant that anything more than a very basic splosh in her tea is most definitely not good. I’m beginning to agree with her … but contemplating a future sans latte fills me with no thrills. Black coffee? I suppose I could get used to it—but it would mean retraining half the baristas in Invercargill.


      1. It took me less than a week to get used to it.
        And once you do, you find you need less coffee per spoon and you learn to appreciate the coffee and realise that up til now you were merely drinking flavoured milk!
        I kid you not.
        It helped that I also switched tea brands and began drinking Earl Grey, which is em>very pleasant sans laite.
        Or even Lemon Verbena – we have it growing in the garden.

        Courses for horses, or is it t’other way around?

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      2. Would you believe … now that my service (?) provider has changed its service provider, and all the dust and feathers have settled … you, Ark, despite my best efforts are the only one who routinely ends up in my ‘junk’ folder. Email notifications come in and get junked, but I tell the ol’ Mac patiently that (each message in turn) “not junk” and with all the rest it took note.

        But not with ol’ Ark … have you offended anyone in high places?


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