it IS easy being greenArgus.png

Ye gods … and here I am, still waiting for my one-word suggestion (whimsy) to be accepted.

So, first up let’s be a bit utterly conventional—
green 1.png

—and here’s our green. There, honour satisfied …


that my older camera is a wee Canon. No longer state-of-the-art, it still has an impressive zoom (and let’s face it, with these shaky old paws, a brilliant stabiliser). I was sitting in Mooch café with The Spouse and thought I’d stop blathering on about the zoom and actually show her. I took two shots, one at each end of the zoomal range.

Mooch has big glassy windows that look right out onto the street which is four lanes wide with a centre strip where generations ago trams used to beetle along. I lined up on a poster, and—

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 22.39.24.png

—got this. Just to the left of that tree, a young lassie with a half-greenish face peering back.

Then I zoomed as far as it would zoom, and same target got this—


—and of course, entirely as expected, my beloved Spouse was not at all impressed. But she doesn’t have to be, I can do all the “Oooooohs” and “Aaaaaaahs” for both of us.

Lucky for me that she has green eyes (poster girl)(sort of) … so I’m still legal for this week’s challenge. (And before you bleat accusingly; no—I didn’t cheat.)



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