WPC: Atop


the very pinnacle of human ambition—I’ve finally achieved my photographic heart’s desire (almost).


let me state without reservation that I stand in awe of any photographer who can get a decent shot—in situ—of a New Zealand native fantail.

I could have cheated and set the camera to record video, and just taken out one frame (which is what I suspect some of the great geniuses of the past may have done) but no.


my current pinnacle, a fantail atop an old schlogg of loggy twig in the woods.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.00.58.png

You think that’s a pathetic shot, all fuzzy? Hah! I’d like to see anyone do better—damme, Sir/Madame, it was dark in there (with bright patches) and that rotten bird was darting everywhere. People think they’re friendly, and they might even be—that one was certainly close—but you and I both know that these guys eat bugs, and humans clomping about in the detritus of almost-a-summer certainly create bugs.


my personal heap. I took scores of shots and that was the only usable one. The rest were all like these—

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.02.00.png

—and be advised, none of them has been tweaked in any way, and none of them are double-exposures. Just handheld with gritted teeth. What you get is what I saw (or however else you spell WYSIWYG).

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.01.27.png

I used ‘auto’ with a clear conscience, which on my camera effectively reduces my input to being the organic robot that aligns the camera and presses the ‘go’ button.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.01.45.png

And now, for a change, have a nice—


—bunny. I apologise if I’ve posted him before but too gorgeous a beastie not to. And so’s the rabbit …

To meet the Challenge I must advise that he’s sitting atop some grass. So he’s legal. Luckily for him I don’t think anyone in Invercargill ever looks at my blogs so the chances of word of his presence getting back to the bloodthirsty management here are pretty slim.

Boom boom~!




4 thoughts on “WPC: Atop

  1. Well done , sir!
    I have no knowledge of this bird whatsoever (and no one else has either I suspect), so to you bunch of heathen exports / imports stuck on your little island you probably equate a shot of this bird with snapping a phoenix .( not the one in Arizona either).
    I’ll bet you’ve been grinning like a half-wit ll day, right?


    1. Sir — I took heaps, and they seem to all be quite lengthy at about a sixth of a second. Got quite a few like that one with the blur exiting stage left … active little buggers. Methinks a phoenix would be much less of a challenge.
      Half-wit? Three-quarter wit, at least—I can not only print my name, I can tie my own shoes and wave bye-bye … let’s see any American president do that~!

      Liked by 1 person

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