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But first, a word from our sponsor (me):


  • when to even look at an egg would blow your heart apart? I do.
  • when to even think of using butter would palpitate you into the next world? I do.

In New Zealand it is still impossible (almost—you  have to really do the research and go the distance) to find (yes, find, much less actually buy) lard.

So, given the trends this snippet below makes interesting reading for anyone who can do big sums like “One plus one plus one equals?) (Bugger … put down the one and carry one one …)


stuck? Okaaaaay … you may use a calculator if you wish.  But there’s still hope, if you can fog a mirror—

Employers could impose hefty penalties on employees who decline to participate in genetic testing as part of workplace wellness programmes if a bill approved by a House committee this week becomes law in the United States.

Employers, in general, don’t have that power under existing federal laws that protect genetic privacy and nondiscrimination. But a bill passed Wednesday by a House committee would allow employers to get around that if the information is collected as part of workplace wellness programs.

Workplace wellness programs — which offer workers a variety of carrots and sticks to monitor and improve their health, such as lowering cholesterol — have become increasingly popular among companies …

read from source:  CLICK HERE

I remember reading recently that cholesterol these days is far from being a demon, it’s (apparently) now a Vital. Oops? Someone is out of touch?

a government official. Anywhere, anytime …


* What’s In It For Me?



2 thoughts on “I LUV IT

    1. Salt too … any more than one sprinkle a week lined your arteries with concrete.

      But I still avoid sugar as best I can, awaiting the day ‘they’ do yet another about-face. 🙂

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