I LOVE IT~! smiley-boom

Here, have a wee snippet—

President Trump may soon face a similar test. With almost no public awareness, the Pentagon’s nuclear program has achieved unprecedented capabilities that once again raise the possibility that a U.S. first strike could cripple Russia’s nuclear arsenal and “decapitate” its leadership. Such capabilities all but ensure that hawks will begin lobbying for more aggressive measures toward Russia, based its growing vulnerability to U.S. nuclear weapons.


—and remember:





so good luck to you and all who sail in you:

“Mr President, Sir!”

“Yeah, military Dude?”

“Sir—the Intelligence Services have reported that we finally have undeniable superiority in tactical and strategic nuclear weapons; land-based, sea based, sub sea, air-launched, space based, and back-packed … over the Russians.”


“Oh … big boom-boom sticks, Mr Prez. We got of dem more dan dey have got. Gotten. Whatever.”

“Oh. So?”

“So if we’re quick off the mark, and are the firstest with the mostest, we can bang ’em back to the stone age before they figure out it’s us and not some other ambitious wannabe nuclear power—’

“So ya wanna me go nuke ’em, first? What if we don’t get ’em all first time?”

“No probs, Sir. Obviously those sneaky bastards will have a few subs sneakin’ about that we don’t know about, so perhaps a dozen or so of their nukes might just get through—”

“And take out a dozen or so of our citie—      assets?”

“Sir, yes Sir! But WE WILL WIN! Oops. Sir.”


“First to get his hand in the jar scores the most cookies, Sir.”

“Oh. And what if they sneak up on us first?”

“Oink? I mean, oink, Sir?”

“What’s to stop dem doin’ it back to us first, hey?”

“They wouldn’t dare Sir! We will always have enough nuclear firepower tucked away somewhere to make their country a glowing radioactive wasteland, Sir! Regardless! And that’s the beauty of nuclear deterrence, Sir!”

For myself I still remember the Peter Sellers movie ‘Dr Strangelove’. If you go there with youtube, don’t watch any of those terrible Trailer clips, just take wee samples of the movie itself … like this ‘Hotline’ phone call between the US president and the Russian leader—

(That’s the USA guy, above) (on the right)

—and let the thought lie dormant at the back of your mind: what if your beloved Leaders do decide that a few cities would be a small price to pay for sending the unaggressive damned Russkies back to the stone age?

Even more better: wotif one of those cities happens to be (gulp) … yours?*



 *  Don’t fret. It’s all a game of Russian roulette, really … oops …


4 thoughts on “AND EVEN MORE

      1. Oh, they clean up nicely. Nice and sterile.

        You ever seen the tests where some bright spark looked intro just how good a nuke would be for speeding up excavation jobs?


      2. I remember from the fifties and sixties when ‘they’ thought nukes would be ideal for making instant harbours and such …

        Did you ever see Dr Strangelove? I’m now waiting for Amazon to deliver my Dvd (I should never have watched those u-toobs).
        They should shift the seats of the US presidency and the UN headquarters to Bikini—and feed ’em only locally grown produce.


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