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pcThere should be public outrage!

And why not?

After all—

  • no questions were asked
  • no warning was given
  • no police were called first
  • and the guy surely could have shot the axe out of the ‘suspect’s hands, or got him in the (much less fatal) foot, no?
  • seven rounds—that is taking it seriously

oops.pngI refer to this happy chappie


who, given the circumstances, I’d have been perfectly happy to have potted myself if I were the reactive (it means antisocial) guy with the gun.

But that’s just me—I do tend to go overboard when people are charging at me with what on prima facie appears to be hostile intent and a loaded axe. (I’m a wee bit of a panic merchant, I’m afraid.)


and anyone else going to learn that it’s bad manners to go around shooting people?


in New Zealand our own anti-gun lobby has been quoted as telling us that all disputes can be settled over a nice hot cup of tea and simple discussion with a big pile of bikkies*. (So there, Yanks … no need to run around shooting everybody.)


if they are going to ban guns, I think a reasonable case might be made for banning axes too, and anything with a blade longer than six millimetres …

turk-e* Frankly I think the biscuits makes better sense than yer average wishful ‘do gooder’ …


3 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. I was in Colorado Springs a week or two after the Make My Day law was enacted. I was scared shitless. Literally, you were allowed to shoot ANYONE who was on yoour lawn. Yes. On. Your. Lawn. No questions asked. And the ghuy we were statying with, he slept with a loaded pistol under his pillow, as did his wife.


    1. Different strokes for different folks … all sarcasm aside, here in New Zealand the guy with the axe is not only allowed to smash the doors down, he can get inside and chop everyone into cute little gobbets.
      At best the survivors can expect that if he is caught he will get severely growled at by the judge; they in the meantime will have officials combing their back story (as far as the ark) looking for anything to prove it was their own damned fault—they seduced the guy into chopping the door down (somehow) and should any ‘victim’ be dumb enough to resist (what with? We ain’t allowed no guns—and just as the balance of power at Pearl Harbour lay with the guys who came calling unannounced and unexpected …) said victim is mince for The Law. But I think The Law does permit us to run. So long as we don’t trample the guy in the doorway …

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