whilst others merely exist.

I’m an exister. But sometimes I learn, and today I learned a new word.

There was a time when England was the fount of the English language but today it seems that the best new words—the ones with uncompromising oomph—pour out of America. Long may it last~! So?


for today—

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 15.11.23.png


mooning the bats.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 15.11.23.png

—and you’ll see why I love it so much. Here I was, stuck with the time-honoured (and now clichéd) ‘dingbat’…

Aaaaaahhhh, moonbats … I have no idea who deserves the credit but I just love it.

The guy goes on to explain his views on journalism and social-medium ‘reporting’. For myself, and all both my readers: I am not paid to write. I just enjoy getting my notions down on pixels*, being read at all is the bonus.

He also goes on about fake news (journalists and other fakers); but I don’t have a face on Facebook and I’m no twit on twitter. I have had a few spam followers** pass by, though.

Moonbats, I imagine … or were they snowflakes?


* In years to come I can smugly say “See? I told you so!” (but whomsoever I say it to not only always said it first but is astonished at how long it took for me to wake up).

** Spam followers: those with the implied “If I follow you, you’ll follow me?” which when you don’t, never visit again. (Followers are scalps? Trophies for low esteem?) Try this—

3 thoughts on “SOME OF US

  1. I get a kick out of the people who not only say ‘I follow you – you follow me’, but they insist I reblog a post of theirs. If they knew anything about my blog, they wouldn’t demand that I reblog a picture of the lunch they had last week!!

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  2. I lost track of who said “Victory goes to the stayer” — and someone else long ago came out with “Hold the high ground”. Maxims just as valid for bloggers, I guess. I think the Japanese might come up with something more mysterious, like “Waves, swirling around a rock” …

    And aside, the UK ‘Midsomer Murders’ series (Spouse loves it!) has an episode where a guy photographs his lunch every single day—and enters his
    ‘best’ shot in a competition … 🙂


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