with server troubles, but despite their help I think I’ve finally made the break through and am back on all four paws again (and me being effectively these days a technological dodo).


who only sit and watch with jaundiced eye—

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 21.16.19.png

—whilst pondering all possible meanings of the words “You reap what you sow”. As in, for example—

The Royal Navy has suffered a manning crisis since Government cutbacks in 2010 and, despite high-profile television adverts, faces a shortfall of 2,000 sailors across the fleet. 

Oh dear … not enough hands, they’ll have to cut down their flagship to just two banks of oars …

In a legal loophole which allows the MoD to avoid full liability, those who sign up to dust off their uniforms will enlist as Full Time Reservists, given contracts and terms of service for just five years before they are back in civilian life.

Punitive cuts in 2010 saw 12 vessels axed from the fleet and 5,000 jobs lost, with plans to increase this by a further 1,000 by 2020.

Last night former First Sea Lord Admiral Lord West said: “We are paying the price for ill-judged cuts to the Royal Navy announced by the Coalition Government in 2010.

So they are advertising for silly old poops to come out of retirement and rejoin? Is this such a good idea, really—do they actually believe that some vintage hairy-arsed ancient matelot will fit into the modern culturally-sensitive non-sexist tot-free modern fleet?

RN 55 plus~!.jpg


really possible to take the ‘wooden ships and iron men’ old salts and fit them into iron ships with … (gulp) wimmin?

I’d say no, as in not.

Let the dead bury their dead and all that stuff; they might get a few sign up out of nostalgia for a way of life that no longer exists; or a few from patriotism, perverse curiosity, or love of bonus … but would it actually work? Or is it that same mentality now desperately clutching at straws?


I think it’s someone’s idea of a joke.



And just as an afterthought: have the clever folks of the RN’s design teams figured out what to do about the problems with their all-singing all-dancing modern destroyers? You know what I’m on about … them battle boats that can’t go into warmish waters … but don’t fret, recycled retirees can pull on the sweeps (oars) as well now as they could fifty years ago. Boom boom~!



and much* of it is blatant propaganda. Diogenes would stay blind in any country of this modern world, day or night, his lamp’s flickering flame all aflutter and any optimism stillborn.


what delight through yonder computer screen breaks?

“In America you can change political parties but you cannot change the policies. In China you cannot change the party, but you can change policies … China is a vibrant market economy, but it is not a capitalist country,” entrepreneur and social scientist, Eric Li says. He adds that in China, “capital does not rise above political authority,” and there is no way a group of super rich people can control the politburo, “as billionaires control America’s policy making.”

I shan’t give you the source. Like any other source anywhere it is a political propaganda tool, and to break the mystery is to lose the magic. So instead of trying to find who to sneer at …
… shouldn’t you be considering what the writer was actually saying?


any kind of a point?cerberus-2

Naaaaaahhhhh … damned commie swine. Should all be shot! Nuke the lot of ’em and to hell with the consequonces  rammifi ramifuca outcomes!

Boom boom!

* Okay … most of it. At a pinch (and if pressed) I’d say all of it.




pcfor this old dog so I leave the squabbling to better educated minds than mine. For myself, when the ‘unprecedented’* global warming schtook hit the fan I did a few sums and concluded that all is politics, and any (r) any ‘facts’ can be adapted to ‘prove’ any point.


in this rapidly heating overcooked world, does this source have a point—?

This rapid movement is striking. But the directional change is even more alarming for Europe. The summer in Europe barely saw many real scorching hot days but the winters are getting colder. In 2012, even the waterways in Venice were icing over. Germany relies upon its canal system to move goods and agriculture. In 2012, the canals froze. The canals in the Netherlands were not freezing during the winter during the global warming period. That changed in 2009. Hamburg was frozen to the bone in 2010.

Europe is rapidly turning colder much faster than expected. The real deep freeze for Europe came about 300 years ago and is known as the Deep Freeze of 1709. In the first few months of 1709 remained in a deep freeze for months. People were ice-skating on the canals of Venice. People could cross the Baltic Sea on horseback because it was completely frozen! You could not ring a church bell because it would shatter it was that cold. The length of the deep freeze has always been a mystery …

The Southern region like Australia will see it get warmer in summer as Europe gets cooler in the winter. Things are changing much more rapidly ever since the North Pole reversed and changed direction moving at 55 km per year back in 2000.

to read from source: CLICK HERE 

—don’t ask me. I’m just an observer now, observating how any facts can be adapted to suit any circumstances. (Hell, as a non-professional but wildly enthusiastic doubter cynic I still have my reservations about who was it really that popped off JFK—and why the US turned a blind eye to the Israelis enthusiastically beating up USS Liberty that time*).

PS Fancy a trip to Venice? Or to Holland, perhaps even Algeria? Don’t go until you’ve CLICK HERE visited this link (no, not a commercial, it’s a UK news source).


* Possibly the famed American tolerance of boys being boys, the wee scamps (just a pity they damaged the paintwork a bit but there ya goes …)



new words.

Here’s a snippet, and guess—

Wired, May 2016: “Thanks El Niño, But California’s Drought Is Probably Forever“. “California is still in a state of drought. For now, maybe forever.” The article gives no support — none — for this clickbait claim. In January Wired attempted to weasel away from their claims by defining drought to mean needing more water than nature provides (“A Wet Year Won’t Beat California’s Never-Ending Drought“). Orwell nodded, unsurprised.

from:  CLICK HERE (go on, it doesn’t hurt)(and even better, it’s free)

—which is (to me) the new word?

Here … as a reward for reading this far, have a nice cat—


—snapped when I needed an uncritical (and infinitely patient) poser recently.






I posted my WPC entry in the wrong blog.

Not to worry, it gives me another crack at it later. In the meantime, a snippet for all you “Let’s redistribute the wealth”*  folks out there—

The repeated question … was whether kids in America were going to be able to obtain an equal educational experience.  But there was probably not a Senator in the room that is not or did not send his or her children to some private elite school.  The demand for equality breeds mediocrity.  It breeds indoctrination, not education.  It was Winston Churchill who said: “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

to read from source: CLICK HERE (or not. It’s your call)


before you bite my head off—there’s what I personally regard as Capitalism and there’s the rather sick substitute that we have been deluded into believing is capitalism. And of course, there’s Socialism … but ol’ Churchill seems to have got it.


*The wealth”? Whose wealth? Yours too? (Actually, especially yours …)

Why not? There’s many millions of starving refugee types out there without a bean. So if ‘redistributing the wealth’ is a good idea, shouldn’t everyone’s (r) EVERYONE’s wealth be poured into a common fund and then redistributed equally amongst all the poor, the oppressed, the weary, the hungry, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, everywhere? (You included, don’t forget. By then you’ll have earned your place in the line—you’ll be well qualified** for a lovely free redistribution.) Go get ’em, Tiger!

** Boy, will you ever … boom boom!



WPC: Shadow

Meet the Challenge of Shadow.

Yeah, right.

Dammit … I’ll have to uplift carcass from butt and get out there chasing shadows (name of the game, right?) but in the meantime these are shadowy enough to be legal—

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 09.18.42.png

I hope you can see these drops large enough. I found them lurking under a handrail by a pub in Gore recently.

And now—


—I don’t often use the camera’s built-in HDR thingy (mainly ‘cos I always forget to go back to normal afterwards and the unexpected always scares the snits out of me later when it triggers). But the extremes of contrasting lights and darks invited a try. It sort of worked …


can be made to work, even passively. If you can figure out, and if you have the time—


—which ain’t easy on a sun-free day. They should invent a ‘shadow-dial’ and have done with it …

Then on going back through the park I happened upon this lurker—


—just one of many (the park is full of ’em) and waaaaaaay too early in the season (been so for weeks). I liked the way part was in shadow and part in sunlight:

Far or forgot to me is near;

Shadow and sunlight are the same;

The vanished gods to me appear;

And one to me are shame and fame…

Yeah, right.

Moving on—

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 09.23.30.png


of my sister’s recent visit she found she’d left some form of cosmetic hair goo at home, so called into a local ladies’ hair dressery and bought some. I spotted the above wee lassie thing on a shelf and couldn’t resist; some sort of award for services well rendered I believe. Anyway, I liked the way the image on the wall behind shadowed its every movement …


(Ooops, that’s what can happen when you get called away in mid-post)(.)




his points. Again and again. Sadly they are MY points too, but I take it one step further—

—in that I seek a workable solution. In the current climate it won’t be PC (Politically Correct) but that too will come, when it’s just a little bit (okay, a whole heap) too bloody late. Definitions change once Reality hits and comprehension sinks in—as always, too little, too late.

No, Mr Hitler. It may one day come to that but I certainly hope not … in the meantime these nice ‘refugees’ (and the real ones too) should be presented with a stark choice—


—where ‘shape up’ means simply become one of us.


tightening up on ourselves in the first instance—by acquiring real values and using them to formulate Real laws; and then of course, actually enforcing those Real Laws.


up to you how you define Reality. And how you confront reality, and use reality to defeat propaganda and agendas.

But hey … you (unlike me) are a Voter, right? In a genuine Western Democracy, right? Then your own future is of course entirely as YOU make it, right?


Now here’s some snippets from that video—

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 20.09.10.png


Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 20.11.08.png


Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 20.12.31.png

—if you can’t be bothered going there right now for a preview of your own anguish later.

Enjoy …