yes you—


pc Trust the Americans to come up with the perfect word for the moment, every time. Boom boom!

Oops, moving on; here be your quote—

For decades, some of our departments, such as social work, education, and communications, have been full of young radicals who opt for a college that is at a safe distance from the minorities whom they claim to be championing. More than one such student has complained to me: “We don’t recruit enough students from inner cities to give us diversity.” To that, I usually responded: “If you want diversity, then why don’t you go to a college in a black neighborhood, say Temple in Philadelphia?” This invariably caused the complainer to walk away.

To read the whole nauseating thing from source: CLICK HERE 

—and it’s not the writer or the writings that make the gorge rise, it’s the issue(s).Snowflake One.png


but (shock, horror, dismay) what if ‘they’ bring back the Draft, in America? Can you imagine a Marine boot camp complete with freebie hugga-puppies, or safe rooms for the socially squeamish? In ‘lockdown’ because someone uttered a naughty word?

This was offered under the rubric of ‘Snowflake’


make of it what you will.

(I live in New Zealand … we don’t have snowflakes. But they’re coming).


No idea what a Sean Spicer is—but in some parts of the world they’d allow it to speak


4 thoughts on “HEY YOU—

    1. Isn’t the beauty of Democracy that “If we don’t like ’em, we just vote the buggers out”?
      Hallelujah for Democracy! Boom boom! (Suckers …)

      How peacefully can you sit when the nice policeman is poking you with a cattle-prod?
      Here’s Argus’s First Law of politics:

      “No matter what you do—’they’ will always pervert it to their ends”. Amen

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