Proof indeed that in linguistic and grammatical competence I’m not alone.

Sure, The Spouse whimpers sometimes when I kick off on a hobby-horse — who in their right minds wouldn’t—but there’s a difference between deliberately taking liberties (moi) and ignorance (them).


news media usage of our languages (English) (and American—loosely based on English).


on giants of the industry so shan’t bore you no further no more, but shall/will offer you these few snippets taken from various sauces, make of them what u will—

snip 1.png

The Douglas Dakota plane has been sighted several times in the area and it has locals thoroughly spooked. 

It’s a model that used to be flown by the RAF more than 60 years ago. 

Adding to the mystery are reports that one of the jets crashed in the vicinity in the 1940s. 

And look, they even give us a photo of a jet of the same breed as the mystery jet seen/reported to be jetting jettishly around the UK skies—

snip 2.png

—and ain’t it a pretty bugger? All shiny and metally like—but I can understand why peeple don’t want the screech of goastly jet engines howling through the skies all the time. They should call in a priest, a rabbi, and an imam (no, this isn’t a joke) to get the damned thing exercised.

If you want to see it for yore self, go their this is what you might see—

snip 3.png

—but be advized that ghosts rarely appear when wished.


I’m off, back to the Southland Times article I was reading about the little girl that drowned in a pubic swimming pool.

She died.

But an off-duty nurse brought her back to life whilst the lifeguard folks stood and watched. Or something like that, gripping stuff, I may let you know complete with snaps. It too was writen (obvously!) by someone with a modern college degree …



7 thoughts on “THEY ALL DO IT …

  1. I was not casting aspersions on your erudite self, my canine cohort, fear not, but rather the somewhat misleading (imbecilic?) Newspaper Headline.
    Perhaps if they had featured a Vulcan, or a Canberra I would have nodded, and mused, ”Hmmm, Jet. Yes, like the kind we saw as kids when dad was in the RAF.”



    1. Never thought for a moment that you’d missed the point … perish the thought, Sir. What is sadly missed (okay, sadly lacking but obviously not missed) is the now extinct journalistic genus known as ‘Proof Reader’. It took a very special type of person to be a proof reader (automatic admission to Heaven, automatic promotion to sainthood once in past the gates). Proof readers knew things, everything about everything and anything they didn’t know they looked up—Reading Rooms were piled high with reference books, atlases, tomes on any and every topic.

      Today we’re lucky if the ‘journalist’ can tie her own shoelaces (although let’s not be too critical, she may well have a Degree in Waving bye-bye).


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