to control the way we think. (It took ’em long enough!)

Er … if I may quote … if it’s alright with you, that is, and if nobody will be offended, and if I promise never to do it again, and if no offence is intended to anyone alive, dead, half-dead, half alive, or even not one of us? Especially folks of other belief systems, or ‘cultures’ (some of which admittedly go back to waaaay beyond when our own ancestors—okay, MY ancestors—were peering fearfully out of caves).

Oops, here be your quote—

The call for hate-crimes legislation is understandable and even laudable. In an age of mounting xenophobia, those who preach hatred of other races or religions no longer seem a minor or fringe element. Some of the worst xenophobes now hold power in countries which used to preach tolerance and diversity.

Police Commissioner … wants to see if there is a case for hate-crimes legislation in …

Taken from:  CLICK HERE

Laudable? That was as far as I got before the red mists started rising in front of my eyes. Some blasted over-indoctrinated non-thinking PC turkey is babbling his lines but with no thought for the predictable consequences. Not good.


mentions the “xenophobia sweeping the United States and Europe” in the manner of  fait accompli and assumes that we all know/understand/agree/and shall comply with the implications. Such as more of this—


—if this is what you really want?

No-one even thinks to ask

(a) does such ‘xenophobia’ actually exist? How much? and

(b) if so … why?

—but it makes catchy copy and sells papers. And complies, thus preserving the licence to sell papers. So let me tell anyone who may be interested that (for example)—





All you can hope to do is silence dissent by locking up the folks who rightly or wrongly actually think for themselves. Not good. No? Ol’ Adolf had answers for that one too—by doing just that.


it does get better—

The best way to handle a xenophobe is simply to let them rant and then to dismember their case in moderate and informed speech. Bigotry should always be challenged and rebutted. Freedom of speech allows the bigot to speak but allows sensible people to respond.

—which is exactly what I am trying to do here. Too many nice well-intended (?) wannabe controllers command us all the time to “judge not, lest ye be judged” (frightened, are they?) whereas I say “Judge! Judge as if your very life depends on your judgement!*” and to hell with all the people who would change the laws to force anyone’s thinking along the  Politically Correct channels.


* Because actually … it does.


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