and much* of it is blatant propaganda. Diogenes would stay blind in any country of this modern world, day or night, his lamp’s flickering flame all aflutter and any optimism stillborn.


what delight through yonder computer screen breaks?

“In America you can change political parties but you cannot change the policies. In China you cannot change the party, but you can change policies … China is a vibrant market economy, but it is not a capitalist country,” entrepreneur and social scientist, Eric Li says. He adds that in China, “capital does not rise above political authority,” and there is no way a group of super rich people can control the politburo, “as billionaires control America’s policy making.”

I shan’t give you the source. Like any other source anywhere it is a political propaganda tool, and to break the mystery is to lose the magic. So instead of trying to find who to sneer at …
… shouldn’t you be considering what the writer was actually saying?


any kind of a point?cerberus-2

Naaaaaahhhhh … damned commie swine. Should all be shot! Nuke the lot of ’em and to hell with the consequonces  rammifi ramifuca outcomes!

Boom boom!

* Okay … most of it. At a pinch (and if pressed) I’d say all of it.



One thought on “I READ

  1. For those of us a bit too dim to know, I often cannot tell the difference between satire and outright sarcasm. Please be divine, and forgive.


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