pcfor this old dog so I leave the squabbling to better educated minds than mine. For myself, when the ‘unprecedented’* global warming schtook hit the fan I did a few sums and concluded that all is politics, and any (r) any ‘facts’ can be adapted to ‘prove’ any point.


in this rapidly heating overcooked world, does this source have a point—?

This rapid movement is striking. But the directional change is even more alarming for Europe. The summer in Europe barely saw many real scorching hot days but the winters are getting colder. In 2012, even the waterways in Venice were icing over. Germany relies upon its canal system to move goods and agriculture. In 2012, the canals froze. The canals in the Netherlands were not freezing during the winter during the global warming period. That changed in 2009. Hamburg was frozen to the bone in 2010.

Europe is rapidly turning colder much faster than expected. The real deep freeze for Europe came about 300 years ago and is known as the Deep Freeze of 1709. In the first few months of 1709 remained in a deep freeze for months. People were ice-skating on the canals of Venice. People could cross the Baltic Sea on horseback because it was completely frozen! You could not ring a church bell because it would shatter it was that cold. The length of the deep freeze has always been a mystery …

The Southern region like Australia will see it get warmer in summer as Europe gets cooler in the winter. Things are changing much more rapidly ever since the North Pole reversed and changed direction moving at 55 km per year back in 2000.

to read from source: CLICK HERE 

—don’t ask me. I’m just an observer now, observating how any facts can be adapted to suit any circumstances. (Hell, as a non-professional but wildly enthusiastic doubter cynic I still have my reservations about who was it really that popped off JFK—and why the US turned a blind eye to the Israelis enthusiastically beating up USS Liberty that time*).

PS Fancy a trip to Venice? Or to Holland, perhaps even Algeria? Don’t go until you’ve CLICK HERE visited this link (no, not a commercial, it’s a UK news source).


* Possibly the famed American tolerance of boys being boys, the wee scamps (just a pity they damaged the paintwork a bit but there ya goes …)


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