WPC: Shadow

Meet the Challenge of Shadow.

Yeah, right.

Dammit … I’ll have to uplift carcass from butt and get out there chasing shadows (name of the game, right?) but in the meantime these are shadowy enough to be legal—

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 09.18.42.png

I hope you can see these drops large enough. I found them lurking under a handrail by a pub in Gore recently.

And now—


—I don’t often use the camera’s built-in HDR thingy (mainly ‘cos I always forget to go back to normal afterwards and the unexpected always scares the snits out of me later when it triggers). But the extremes of contrasting lights and darks invited a try. It sort of worked …


can be made to work, even passively. If you can figure out, and if you have the time—


—which ain’t easy on a sun-free day. They should invent a ‘shadow-dial’ and have done with it …

Then on going back through the park I happened upon this lurker—


—just one of many (the park is full of ’em) and waaaaaaay too early in the season (been so for weeks). I liked the way part was in shadow and part in sunlight:

Far or forgot to me is near;

Shadow and sunlight are the same;

The vanished gods to me appear;

And one to me are shame and fame…

Yeah, right.

Moving on—

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 09.23.30.png


of my sister’s recent visit she found she’d left some form of cosmetic hair goo at home, so called into a local ladies’ hair dressery and bought some. I spotted the above wee lassie thing on a shelf and couldn’t resist; some sort of award for services well rendered I believe. Anyway, I liked the way the image on the wall behind shadowed its every movement …


(Ooops, that’s what can happen when you get called away in mid-post)(.)


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