For you normal

reader-type folks I’ll post this quoted bit ‘as is, where is’ and that shall suffice—

The wake up call for America’s military chiefs came with the 1921 sinking of the (war prize) German battleship Ostfriesland in Chesapeake Bay, in a bombing demonstration led by General Billy Mitchell of the U.S. Army Air Corps. Though Mitchell’s career was subsequently ruined by vengeful service chiefs who had dared that sinking a capital warship with aircraft was impossible, his point was made and well taken.

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And now … pc

for all you  Politicians, generals and admirals, educators, Great Brains, armchair strategists and any such—so long as manpower (woman power too now, thanks to ‘gender equality’) and other cannon-fodder lasts—never actually think. Tut! You can go blind doing that. Never think. Leave that to the folks who will one day surprise you and knock you flat on your butt.


CW.pngare we? Then just consider (say) being a Royal Navy admiral watching Turbinia at work.

Oh, my apologies, you may not know what a ‘Turbinia’ is? Well now. You might stop demonstrating those officer qualities and go look it up.

I’ll wait.

And now, if you actually did look it up I will make a prediction:


in either politics, business, farming, child care or military leadership. You may score a minor commission and/or become a minor administrator somewhere, but you’ll never (r) never win highest rank.


you doubt my word, just reread that quoted passage above. That, sir or madame, is REAL insightful leadership for you …

turk-eAwwww … heck with the expense, here, have a nice—

beep beep~!.png




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