the PM of Oz and the P of the USA; falling out over the issues of so-called Human ‘Rights’.

Mind you—I understand the fleeing of conflicts. And as heartless as I may seem sometimes, I feel for the people involved.

Sympathy, empathy, yes—but open my door to total strangers? Just because I’ve been ordered to, by self-serving politicos?

No. Count me out—

First, the “illegal immigrants” are in fact desperate people fleeing conflict whose status as refugees has in most cases been officially recognized. Second, as refugees, they have the right, under the Geneva Conventions, of which the United States is a signatory, to be treated “without discrimination as to race, religion or country of origin.”

For source: CLICK HERE

I care nothing for Donald Trump or the Prime Minister of Australia. pc

What I do care is that bods in palatial surroundings thousands of miles away are commanding innocents to accept into their midst folks they know nothing about. On ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

Ordering them to accept “without discrimination“. Brrr.

As an atheist/humanist (if I’m to be typecast) I state that discrimination must be applied, and vigorously.

“Political power comes from the barrel of a gun”* and that’s the only way an authority could get ME to accept strangers into my own home. By force. At gunpoint.


Read the above then consider all possible meanings of the word ‘Freedom‘.

Now consider that contradictions can not exist. (There being no such thing as contradictions—only false premises.)

Finally …

Can a Free nation be commanded to accept strangers— without discrimination?




* And I did after all look up that quote—

Gunny 1.png

—by an infamous realist who got it right (to make it even more right simply delete the word Communist … it then becomes a universal). No?


9 thoughts on “THIS IS

  1. Can’t say I’ve read what this is all about, but I heard the US would take our refugees in return for us taking some of theirs from central America. Why this was considered “better,” I really can’t say.

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    1. Being a self-centred old poop I project external trends and mentally integrate them into my own future.
      Apparently if you sign up to join other countries in a huge merger, then those other countries can force (by law) oodles of nice folks like poor Muslim refugees by the millions into your borders and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.

      I don’t like that.

      So if ever our (kiwi) politicians try to force through a merger making us part of the EU, or a TPP, or anything that surrenders any part of my sovereignty … I get twitchy. (I don’t like some precedents, and the UK surrendering its sovereignty to the Eu was/is a bit rattling.)(Quite a bit.)
      This could well be why some of the Poms dislike Brussels commanding them in all respects (silly Pom idiots still think they still rule themselves) and try to withdraw.

      Everyone wants a Free Lunch, but some free lunches cost a lot more than on the price ticket …

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      1. Noted, that you are honouring ‘Our Lord’ by calling Him a backwards dog?

        Wouldn’t that blessing be better worded “Thank Dog, god …” ?

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