pcA tortuous chain of ideas (two links) told me I have “far right” inclinations. Have I been insulted?

All I know in my political naiveté is that I want—for all people—a square deal. Truth, Justice, Freedom and all those other platitudes that folks keep squabbling about but do nothing towards achieving. (The contention lies in those three unacceptable words “for all people”.)


can I include majority groups as ‘people’? (Minority groups—how minor does a group have to be?)

Dammit—they just don’t come smaller than a group of one*. Now, for all you wannabe controllers out there … which one?


to overstress the brain figuring out who should be entitled to the goodies, let me refresh you with the infamous Law Of Contradiction — “there ain’t no such things as contradictions, just false premises“.


refreshment break. You got this far, you deserve it—

The Civil War was not fought over slavery, but in defence of states’ rights. As for secession, the very existence of the United States derived from its secession from the British Crown. Why did the South, then, not have the right to secede in turn from a Union grown intolerable to it, with Abraham Lincoln assuming the role of George III?

The attempt to demonise Robert E. Lee, a great gentleman and Christian soldier, is obscene. Lee was more critical of slavery than were the Northern generals Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman. In a letter to his wife on 27 December 1856, which he could not have imagined anyone else would ever see, Lee wrote that “slavery as an institution, is a moral & political evil in any Country”.

—and not American myself I’m totally ignorant … does the writer have a case here, or not?


confused? Don’t be …

There. Digression finished. Now—

Can we not say without fear of contradiction (eeek~!) that there should be just one Law in the land, which should apply equally to everyone? Black, white, red; Jew, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Rational, etc ad infinitem; scientist, housewife, househusband, houseunmarried, housed, unhoused, richer, poorer, in sickness and in health etc?

It should.


that anyone trying to score otherwise is not a nice kind humanist but is actually seeking special privilege. No?


*   Protect that one and you protect the whole damned lot (trust me) …


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