to be a


or a sexist, or an anything-ist. Go for it.


do mean it.

Do it, dude. Dudette. Whatever.

Do it to them before they do it to you; pre-emptive is allowed in self-defense (sometimes).


and form your own opinions*. All I ask is that they actually are your own. Yours, Sir, Madame, or Undecided.

And now, your quote:

“Why is racism always a black/white thing? Am I expected to represent everyone in my group? Are guys always expected to pay on a date? Spend the semester exploring these and many other questions in the Multicultural Center’s three credit hour course. Classes meet twice a week and aim to expand self-awareness and develop valuable dialogue skills. Receive credit for the Leadership Minor and/or the Social Diversity in the U.S. GE while examining and discussing issues and experiences relevant to …”

If you haven’t noticed it’s from the same source as mentioned in my previous post, so—



—and if you haven’t visited the link (if only for the laughs) then let me remind you that this is the way your world is heading.

And those guys aren’t in it just for the giggles. What makes it all the more pathetic is that they are serious in pursuit of the student buck. Brrr. At one time the Halls of Learning purveyed education, nowadays they just push social compliance. Brrrrrrrrrrrr …




“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Why do you keep posting that monkey shot?”

” … … … … … … self portrait, Kid … ”


* Please forgive the blasphemy involved here. It was purely for dramatic effect, actually I’m as docile/dormant/compliant/brain-dead as any other PC fanatic. Just try me …

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