reading this kind of stuff for years—

The impending catastrophe will not be limited to the United States but will affect the whole industrialised world. As the most indebted country in the world, the US will be hit very badly and the Trump Administration will be blamed. It is of course not their fault but the result of 100 years of mismanagement. Sadly though, the people in charge of the country will be blamed in spite of their efforts to save the situation.

As the US economy crashes and money printing starts in earnest, the dollar will end its reign as the world’s reserve currency. Since Nixon ended the gold backing in 1971, the dollar has not deserved the status of reserve currency.

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—but as the years go by ‘they’ keep pulling more and more rabbits out of their apparently bottomless hat. Long may it last, I say~!


to the problem of eternally de-valuing the currencies? Short answer …


… and that, Sir or Madame, be it.


purely personal perspective: the longer they can keep the squeaky leaky old tub afloat the better it suits me. Although it’s already hit the rocks and sinking, ‘they’ are doing a splendid job of pumping. Good on ’em, I say!

So when there’s no more room on their banknotes for endless extra zeroes, and even scientific notation no longer functions (you know, a million is 10 to the power of 6, so a million billion gillion trillion zillion is 10 to the etc etc) (don’t knock it, desperate people will try anything) what will take over as the ‘means of exchange’?

Disposable razors? screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-19-44-51

Cans of sardines?

Toilet rolls?     — — —> 

Even (brrrrr~!) … gold?

Naaaaaaahhhh …



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