turketteand it’s a bloody hard one to give up. Cold-turkey worked easily enough with other drugs but with this bast  beast it’s nigh impossible. So I’m reducing the dose each time, in a gradual withdrawal (hey, at least I’m working on it).

Anyway, more on that later …


There. Now that I have your undivided attention I’d like to shamelessly direct you to another’s blog—

—to go there CLICK HERE but be advised, it’s as relevant to you as to the many millions of victims over there.


here? To (horrors~!) us?

Of course not—we are civilised, with a long history of progress, they aren’t us. No?*


demonstrated let’s face real facts: money has to be worth something.

Hey, I meant genuinely worth something … something more than a printed pretty** promise on a slip of papery stuff. Something more than the (real) transience implied by the word ‘current’ in the screen-top dictionary definition below—


So one might be tempted to ask (rather than blindly accepting) what does ‘current’ actually mean, especially in the context of this fix?


Oh yes … that’s my addiction; I’m trying to wean myself off blogging … now off you go, unsatisfied; go vote for your little politicians and your little dollars and rupees and francs and euros and roubles and whatever other paper rubbish is transiting your finances right now. Whatever you do, don’t for even one moment think that perhaps money should have intrinsic value. If you do, and if you gather enough like minds … you’ll bring our ‘civilisations’ crashing down around our ears. So get thee hence, off to the shops and spend spend spend as if you’ll have no money tomorrow***.




* Never mind that they had cities and flush-toilets while we were still peering fearfully out of caves (check out Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, and suchlike …)

** Pretty damned revocable at zilch notice.

*** If things stay as they are with all these ‘promissory notes’ … … you won’t.




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