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Others, like the late Helen Kelly, used marijuana to ease the pain in the latter stages of cancer. And yet a dark clouds still hangs over marijuana as if it’s some sort of dirty drug option.

At the same time, we don’t have the same concerns about the wide-spread use of anti-depressants which ease suffering but alter the mind while they do so.

The latest statistics I can find on anti-depressant use come from the University of London and this is just for the UK, but in 2015, 61 million anti-depressant prescriptions were issued. 61 million. Compared with the 1990s, patients stay on anti-depressants for 50% longer now. Some for decades.

So increasingly in a world where we prescribe drugs that alter the mind, why do we still oppose the controlled use of medicinal marijuana?

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Or not.

As a non-smoker of the legal ghastly weed I must admit that the couple of times I tried the illegal ghastly weed it did absolutely nothing for me. Correction, it gave me a bit of a sore throat. (A small price to pay—in the company I was with each time to not indulge may have led to worse than a mere sore throat)(brrr.)

pot luck.png

Who uses cannabis?

Official statistics from Auckland University’s Alcohol and Public Health Research Unit show half of New Zealanders aged 15-65 have tried cannabis, and one-in-six define themselves as regular users. That’s about 1.5 million ordinary Kiwis who have ignored the law and tried cannabis, and around 400,000 who continue to use it.

Many successful business and professional leaders — including many elected officials such as former Prime Minister Helen Clark, Opposition Leader Phil Goff and Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne — admit they have tried cannabis. Pot smoking is now normal.

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I stumbled over this lot when I came across an article about some of the medical uses of the dread weed. If medics were genuinely more concerned with health than making bucks, perhaps they’d speak up (but if, of course, it really is a miracle treatment … silly me).

Anyway: don’t worree, be happee … and guzzle your soma.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 18.39.21.png

(if this is it … it’s about as appealing as a bowl of scotch thistles. Yuk~)



3 thoughts on “MARY JANE,

  1. If you are in any way familiar with the physiological effects of long term use of phenobarbital as a prescriptive drug in the treatment for epilepsy for animals(dogs) you will quickly appreciate why prescribing medicinal marijuana is a god send.


    1. God is good like that … a Saudi princess once told me that in all the palaces she was familiar with there was no booze—but they absolutely “reek of hash”. Well now …

      For myself the only drug I use (that I know of) is coffee. (Mind you, I do have several large cocoas a night, and oodles of chilli powder in my eggies.)

      Do you remember how until recently to even look at an egg was to send your heart doing back-flips? But now eggs are legal again—but I’ve been having two fried eggs for breakfast every day for thirty/forty years. (I’d fry them in lard except thanks to the ‘good health’ people you just can’t get lard anywhere here unless you mail-order it at exorbitant prices, or render down your own from deceased porkers.) (When I do that I’m banished from the house and must do it outside—she’s a vixen when defending hearth and home).

      As for Mary Jane—if she works, why knock her?

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