for the wonky perspectives (you just try taking a better one of the old church~!). Here, have a nice motto too—

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 20.37.40.png

—snapped by moi when the church was being repaired after (wait for it~!) a wee fire. Hang around, the tale gets better …


 to set the scene. My Latin is a bit rusty so I googlised the motto and Google came up with more or less what I thought anyway, so let’s hear it—


“Yet it was not consumed”


—which sadly for the padre and his faithful flocks isn’t exactly accurate.  But first, again, to further set the scene—

Windsor churcg, was.png

—this shot was taken of the attractive wee shack when it still existed.

Before the fire.

Before the ‘repairs’

Before the plug was finally pulled and the patient taken off life support because it was ‘earthquake prone’.


lost, the site (still empty) was utilised this year for Windsor’s very own Christmas tree—


—which Google Maps if applied will show us where we are, thus:

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 23.38.50.png

image from Google Maps

devil-1—and it all gets a bit complicated. Being a dum’ ol’ dog I’m easily confused by apparent contradictions, as in the now completely disappeared (gone, but not forgotten) motto stating that “despite the flames nothing was destroyed” versus the damaged-by-fire (and now completely gone) building that so proudly hosted that very sign.

Never mind, the tree looked nice …

… and I’m pretty sure it must be fire and earthquake proof.





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