Hugo S Price.pngthat this Mexican billionaire businessman was invited to Russia to make a presentation on the proposed Russian ‘silver rouble’.

He did so.

I personally know nothing of finance, high finance, money, loot, or international financial shenanigans.


when something tweaks my WTF button.

Having been WTFd more than enough by the taurus excretae emanating from The Establishment I was delighted to come across Mr Price’s presentation to the Russians, and herewith be a chunk of it—

Since the Russian Silver Ruble coin would be the world’s best currency, its desirability would not be limited to the population of Russia. Russia’s neighbors would undoubtedly exhibit a desire to own Silver Ruble coins, especially taking into account the ECB’s lunatic policy of ceasing to print Euro 500 banknotes, the EU’s flirting with the idea of a totally cashless economy where all money would be nothing more than digits on bank computers – digits which have been threatened with “bail-ins” of customers’ accounts to help pay for banking bankruptcy – and finally, the EU’S shameful “demonization” of people’s use of banknotes to pay for any purchase over a small amount of cash, by grouping innocent people with tax-evaders and drug dealers.

Whether the Silver Ruble coin would travel in an orderly fashion, through established institutions, or simply filter through all official barriers and “black markets” to Europe, the Russian Silver Ruble coin would find its way, inevitably, into the hands of Europeans, who want to hold their savings in something better than the dollar and their own currencies.

—does that ring the ol’ bell, or what? For more: CLICK HERE 


but make of this what you will, or not—

—a few years ago when reading about transactions in what was effectively a money-free zone (Europe, immediately after WW2) entrepreneurs were greasing the wheels of commerce with substitute ‘cash’. In this instance the coinage du jour was cans of sardines.

fishy money.pngOne wheeler-dealer, just a wee bit peckish and the nearest McD’s being some years away in the future, cracked one of his cans of sardines and found it quite spoiled. Still hungry he burgled another … same result. Now miffed, he tried another and then went storming around to the trader who’d passed them off (to him) in good faith. The reply when challenged is illuminating—

“Hell, man~! Those ain’t eating sardines! They’re trading sardines! Sheesh …”


So … one word, to the wise, is sufficient. The rest of us just gobble the Soma we’re fed and the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnn … no? Okay then, mercy time, here’s a further clue:

q.  What is a dollar?

a.  A dollar is a hundred cents.

q.  What is a cent?

a.  A cent is one hundredth of a dollar …


Now we know.

“Mr Argus … Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“… I know all that, Sir … but what is it worth?”

“I think the paper and ink combined come out as a couple of cents, Kid. Possibly not even that in scrap value—I’m told they burn ’em when getting rid of the old ones—”


“Otherwise they tell you what they’re ‘worth’, or not, as suits them.”



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