There, that got your attention.

golden promise.png

And now that I have it, cast your eyes over these two snippets

If Mr. Trump should attempt to eliminate or reduce the US trade deficit and protect and encourage US reindustrialization by means of tariffs on imports, what he would achieve would be to choke the economies of the rest of the world with a scarcity of dollars obtained – how else? – by exports to the US.

If that doesn’t make sense then let me tell you that Hugo Salinas Price develops a sound argument in his articles. He even at one stage called for full monetisation of the Mexican Libertad coin (yes, he’s one of those weirdo cranks who believe that ‘money’ should actually be worth something). He’ll learn … on with the show:

Choking on dollar scarcity, because exports to the US decline or are eliminated, the world will not remain in paralysis. Another alternative to the dollar as the world’s currency will be sought, simply because finding an alternative becomes a matter of life or death.


the world would implode to a grinding halt if ‘they’ brought out a law that money should actually be worth something have intrinsic worth. Tut! Stoopid idea …



that the only way to rein in the pseudo-capitalist systems (crony capitalists and the like) would be to have

(a) a violent revolution, and/or

(b) valuable currencies, ‘precious’ for/as  money (a gold standard?)

My preference would be for option (b) but that will never happen until after option (a) has been exercised.


on a chart. I haven’t verified it but must admit it looks good. Make your own mind up …

Money chart.png

Awwww, heck with it; perhaps I should add a wee portrait or two, and follow up with a question:


What is this thing actually worth?

Can you buy as much with it today as (say) a hundred years ago? Now try that same  exercise with an ounce of gold.

Or factions of an ounce… hey~! Do you remember the Zimbabwe money note I posted a few days back? Ol’ Mugabe is one of the few in history who actually made good on his promise to make everyone a millionaire.


We should borrow him …


… if they could afford to let him go. I suspect not, financial genius like his is just all too common.


Free money?

Yes indeed — money should be freed.


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