Got your attention, so here’s ya quickie—

“According to the Washington Post and FactCheck.org, this month’s inauguration is likely to cost somewhere between $175 and $200 million. Some of that will be paid through privately-raised funds, but the final bill for taxpayers will end up being well in excess of $100 million. In 2005, for example, George W. Bush’s inauguration cost government agencies — and thus, the taxpayer — more than $115 million. 12 years later, the bill’s going to be even bigger.”

to read from source: CLICK HERE

(There~! Was that quick, or what?) I don’t see the need for me to comment further, so I shan’t.





2 thoughts on “LET’S HAVE A

  1. They should have a small ceremony either on the lawn, in the Rose Garden or in the Oval Office and simply load the frakking thing on You tube.
    End of story.
    Cost: $10,000 all in, including, haircut and a shave, cold buffet for four friends (Trump hasn’t got four friends so he can call in a few of his Twitter buddies) and a six pack of Budweisers and two Mexican serving staff.


    1. Wow~! You missed your calling, you’d make the perfect social secretary. Boom boom! (You left out the divine services bit … them padres gotta eat too, ya know.)


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