No. 1

wrt the half-inch Browning machine gun—


half inch Browning.png

Legality under Geneva Convention[edit]

It is often stated,[28] sometimes even by military trainers,[29] that it is illegal under the Geneva Convention to use the M2 against enemy personnel since it would cause “unnecessary suffering”. As such, most gunners supposedly aim for enemy troops’ belt buckles, since those are technically equipment and thus permissible targets.” …



Now we know.

Be nice …



2 thoughts on “NO COMMENT DEPT

    1. MEMO to all staff:
      due humanitarian considerations the half inch Browning will in future be rendered inert by the pouring of KwikSet concrete down the barrel. It will however remain as the Weapon of Choice—

      —you are to hold it by the skinny end, swing it overhead and thump the NME (bad guys) with the fat end.

      NB: do not forget to apologise for any inconvenience caused, especially if trousers fall due to co-laterally damaged belt buckles.

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