Turkette.pngSure! Of course. Hell, any turkey knows that.

But will it be successful?

We’re told it worked well for those nice Soviets in Russia; and the paradigms of commerce in earlier Red China, and North Korea today. Even old Wossisface in Zimbabwe proved how successful it really can be if given half a chance*. All you need to do is give it that half-chance …

one coke, please.png

Your call. Here’s a wee clue—

The effect on workers will be that many of them will need to move to lower-wage jobs due to there being fewer waiter opportunities. Many people who are now waiters and potential waiters will have to take jobs as cashiers and other workers at fast food and fast casual restaurants instead of waiting tables. As anyone who has worked in food service knows, these sorts of jobs often pay far less per hour than traditional waiter jobs. So, the minimum wage hike will mean an actual pay cut for many people who could have made more as waiters, were it not for the minimum wage hike. 

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—make of it what you will.


the arguments for a compulsory wage hike can yet be improved, no? All we have to do is bring in another new law making it compulsory that all wage-earners everywhere get a ten, twenty … forty~! … per cent pay rise.

And even more better yet, that rise can be (at the stroke of a pen) backdated fifty years. Or for as many as would be deemed fair, just, and equitable. Wow!


Hey … don’t ask me, I’m just a dum’ ol’ dog. (Jeez, if they did that I’d be quids in! Now, more importantly—where do I go line up to vote?)

   chimp bashes rock copy.gif

 * He turned everyone into millionaires, then billionaires, then trillionaires. They should have the Pope en-saintify him. Was that economic genius and endless self-sacrifice, or what?

So … can an economy be ‘planned’? Sure. Of course … then what’s stopping you?

2 thoughts on “CAN AN ECONOMY

    1. Hopefully, tearing out the throats of the ‘planners’. And sacking the administration, wherever they are. And when the euphoria dies down, they should re-read the works of the American Founding Fathers, and this time stop listening to anyone offering plans for Free Lunches.


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