and human nature.

First, a simple quiz—please answer honestly:

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 17.58.07.png

Q:    does this PC ‘thing’ help humanity, yes or no?



It doesn’t. Not in the least. It can’t possibly help humanity—PC can only assist the unthinking self-interested Brute.

Oh … then how exactly, Mr Argus, would you solve the problems of humanity? (C’mon, wise guy, you’re so smart~!) 

My honest answer:

Quite simply, I wouldn’t even try! (Because in the present climate—and for the past thousands of years—it’s an utter impossibility.)

PC? How so? Because—

—black people are black and have been for a very long time. White people are white, they too for a very long time. Slant-eyed folks likewise, and redheads also, and people with bits missing from before birth, folks who speak like chickens, men who fancy women and men who fancy men and vice-reversa, and people who simply cannot*.

So the only way to stop some folks being different from other folks is to stop them being themselves, which requires a few datums to be set and very rigorous enforcements. Yuk.


and here’s where it becomes impossible (think about it) — we could stop driving wedges in. Pull out the ones already in, and change a few laws.


the kind of changes that closed wannabe Controllers’ minds utilise. Quite the contrary, in fact. Those people control thinking, rather than liberate it—they force people to present the appearance of tolerance rather than tolerate (this appearance is called ‘Correctness’).

PC can be obviated. And any/all apparent grounds for thinking it necessary can be negated in one fell swoop. Getting my drift yet? (CLUE: think Freedom.)


is attainable. But not for a while yet.

One has to get one’s own house in order first; ergo in any politically willing nation a law change must redefine its Citizen such that this one law becomes universal:

human Rights apply equally to all

to everyone, regardless. Quite a novelty, in fact; although well established in some places as idealistic theory.

Need a bit more? Okayyyy … on the topic of ‘regardless’—

  • regardless of sex
  • regardless of colour
  • regardless of heritage
  • regardless of physical defects/perfection
  • regardless of everything, except

…….—of mindset.

Oops: religion …

Here’s where we may find it tricky but the solution is simple:


in our country there is just the one Law.


It applies equally to all,

with NO exceptions—


—and if you don’t accept that,

leave forthwith. Get out. Go. Shoo!


  • Every person is a Sovereign Individual
  • All people have the absolute right to Free Speech
  • No person has the right to initiate violence in any form
  • No (r) NO person has any right to be outside of The Law



I have a major problem with Islam.

Islam is not a religion—widely accepted as such it is in fact a formalised system for absolute and total control of its adherents—slavery in the name of Freedom.


do not exist. If ever you find an apparent contradiction, look to its premises because one or more of them is false. (Yes, it really is that simple.)

Freedom, and Islam?

It can be the one, or the other … it can not (r) not be both. But don’t take my word for it, just wait and see. Your kids will thank you for your PC tolerance …

cerberus-2* Cannot … you name the ‘norm’ … they cannot do it. Be it. Act it. Be you


6 thoughts on “THE MEDIA

  1. Yes some PC stuff can be quite… Extra and unnecessary.

    However your comment on Islam, it depends on your definition of freedom. A muslim means someone who submits to the will of God and so they surrender themselves. Therefore unlike other religions, you are right in saying Islam is a whole complete system and way of life, covering aspects of how to conduct trade to how to deal with parents. Islam’s primary principle therefore isn’t the freedom to follow your every desire, yet all of the freedoms that are extolled by modern society are also extolled by Islam. Islam does not force anyone to adhere to the rules if they dont want. Even when there used to muslim governments, people of other faiths were free to practise whatever they wanted. Whilst in other states under different religions athiests were stigmatised and attacked, in muslim countries they were free to do whatever they wanted.


    1. Sadly I don’t know enough of Islam in any depth. What I do know of it is filled with contradictions, and Islamic law crashes head-on with my basic principles.

      I know the meaning of the word ‘Islam’ … and what it means.
      In discussion with Islam it’s a case of trying to define colours to a blind man—an Islamic can only see me as the blind man; I cannot even begin to discuss with what I perceive a cleverly shuttered mind.

      I don’t believe in God—and we could enter the discussion I’ve had with countless Christians on the existence of God but it’s a total folly.

      I could point out the contradictions but a good Islamic (if confused) will retire to his Teachers and/or their books before eventually coming up with chapter and verse to ‘prove’ me wrong.

      Islam has produced great thinkers and artists, I hold the works of Khayyam in deepest respect (although only Fitzgerald’s translations hold artistic appeal for me).

      I find very great wisdom in aspects of Zen, and Chinese thought, and similarities running as threads through all.
      But I do not—as an observant rational being, can not—surrender my intellect to a book or teachers who’ve made a lifetime (profession) of being absolute experts in what I regard as a mere franchise of the unprovable ‘God’ business.

      Everyone uses the line “only WE really practise what we preach” …
      The Christians have a great line about rich folks selling off their stuff to give to the poor, but how wealthy is the Catholic Church? Or any of the modern TV evangelic outfits in the USA? The guys who built the great mosques in Saudi lands?

      Religion, sadly, is merely a means for control.

      Islam is to me the great religion of contradictions for absolute control. (Actually, that’s unfair—both of the other Abrahamic God religions share.)

      I was religious (Christian) once. A very long time ago, but blatant contradictions spurred curiosity which became antipathy—I got thumped by priests (they could, back then, with little children) for daring ask “Who created God?” a question I bring up often today. The religious see nothing but blasphemy (a Mind Controller’s tool) in the simple “If God was always there, why not the universe itself always there?”

      In the Christian business one franchise stands out for it’s salespeople being almost Islamic in their absolute dedication and conviction. I refer to the Mormons; I had two of them run panicking from my house when I asked a simple question that their programmers hadn’t prepared them for. Now I just meet them at the door with a smile and invite them in to discuss Allah … it gets rid of them (and the Seventh Day people, and the Jehovahs Witnesses) and leaves me in peace.

      Could you discuss the basics of your religion without a cleric advising you, or reference to your Book?


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