although it’s been done before.

In South America they’ve been using setups like this for years


—and doing very well with it.

It’s an idea that should spread with the speed of the web before some eager-beager ‘Capitalist’ patents it and harvests a foggy fortune from established common sense and tradition.


harvesting the wind — boom boom!

It makes me wonder … did anyone ever patent the axe?

The shovel?

The knife?


Fortunes are out there for anyone who gets in first … but as I said wrt harvesting fog, it’s been done before—

foggy wet.png

—lots. And all over:

Fog or dew collection is an ancient practice. Archaeologists have found evidence in Israel of low circular walls that were built around plants and vines to collect moisture from condensation. In South America’s Atacama Desert and in Egypt, piles of stones were arranged so that condensation could trickle down the inside walls where it was collected and then stored.

Read more:  CLICK HERE   (Or just google it … )

Turk E.png


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