rationally, for himself*

can often be deduced from his use of language (you know: terminology).


use language and grammar in correct context, or is it filled with mod-spik and PC stuff?

PC means ‘desperate to be seen doing the currently ‘right’ (perceived correct) thing—regardless.’

PC is trying desperately to conform to standards that may or equally may not be valid. For example, the big no-no currently is racism. To be labelled a Racist is the ultimate in gutless victimisation: there is simply no defense against the charge.

So go ahead and call me a racist (I dare you). But just this once be prepared to back your meaningless epithet up. Prove me a racist, if you can.

And IF you can … it would be a label I’d wear with pride. I’d even visit your site and and we could discuss it like gentlemen (oops) gentlepersons (gentlefolks? Gentlepeople?) (Bugger—that’s my first and last try at being PC … it’s just too bloody difficult.)

Here, little PC person, if the concept is blowing your mind then this chap below puts it more succinctly—


—but again I state that the label is one used by arrogant mental microbes to attack those folks who think for themselves.

‘Groupthink’ is not a concept I will accept. And neither should you. Labels are slogans, they can be invoked to mean anything the cunning want them to, and their very utility obviates any need for explanation. A PC label or slogan is pre-digested, convenient, and comes with no effort required.


this guide to human intercourse:

a) All people are people (duuuh)

b) colour or race matters not a damn

c) it’s what a person thinks …

d) … and does

e) is all that matters.

Ergo:  I don’t give a hoot if a person is English, French, Colombian, Egyptian, Inuit, Chinese Japanese Indian Australian American Korean Welsh Mexican Vietnamese Namibian Martian German Kiwi … so what?


self-righteously bleats and drones and dribbles and noisily squawks endlessly on and on and on about how he has Free Speech (SFX: fanfare, please) and then locks some dude away for freely speaking … I’d say that we have a wee case of double standards, hypocrisy, and a genuine threat to Freedom—


—which is why I have what might be construed by the self-interested as ‘racism’. My own racism is ‘ideasism’ and directed against anyone (R) anyone who tries to control the thinking of others.

It really is that simple. And I have in mind Islam. I do not despise Islam (or its mindless pushers & followers) on racial grounds (which can’t be done anyway) but entirely on the fact that Islam’s ‘philosophies’ are false and anyone pushing Islam as The Great Religion of Peace and Compassion should be done under western ‘false advertising’ laws. Better yet, such pushers should be wrapped up and posted off to the Great Islamic Paradises from which so many are fleeing.


would anyone like to have a crack at me? (No, you silly goose—at my ideas and statements; go ahead, take me to task and prove me wrong.)

I’m waiting …


* I’m a man. Bloke. Male of our species. So I use the masculine. Currently such usage is not-PC. But there is no law saying that the female of the species cannot do likewise with her own gender. I refuse to incorrectly use the plural ‘their’ when I mean his or her. If you cannot make the mental adjustments required then really you shouldn’t be reading me anyway …


One thought on “A PERSON’S ABILITY

  1. We think in pictures. And we think in words. Control the language and you control a tool, control the tools of thought and you control the thinking. (Lenin had it in one …)


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