a lot of time on the computer (u-toobes and reading). Specifically reading about the Japanese angle on Pearl Harbour, and webbing ‘archaeological anomalies’. I am now thoroughly convinced—but still a crank*—that (SFX: state the following in sonorous tones please; heavy on the melodrama and make it ponderous)

We are not the first


‘advanced’ civilisation**.


it’s only belief ‘cos I can’t prove it (but deep down I know …) that in times past there were races on this planet who could do and achieve things that we would have problems with today. The major one of which is believing the evidence of our eyes and forming our own conclusions, even when (especially when) they fly in the face of entrenched sinecurical ‘wisdoms’ (didn’t the Holy Church decree the world to be flat?)(Is it still flat or has the Pope recanted?***).


It’s now a whole new happy year (as usual) and here’s your snap—


—borrowed with much appreciation from one of my heroes, Graham Hancock. Click the above screenie to be taken (it’s a link~) to his website gallery. Graham at the moment is the proverbial ‘lone voice in the wilderness‘ but before long he’ll be cast aside as the entrenched Establishment is forced to regroup, pick up his ball out of desperation and run with it: before declaring outright that it was their own idea all along. ‘(Tis ever thus.)


have another—

Yoni glugger.png



* And shall remain such until the world catches up. After which I’ll be as forgotten as the visionary dummy who stated that “All ships can sink!” when Titanic was popular (pre-ice). ‘Twas ever thus … oogle phleep …

** Ye gods~! They’ve got nuclear weapons, and Islam? Call themselves civilised? Beam me up Scottie …

*** Willingly … or was it like mating elephants: a great deal trumpeting and screaming for not a lot?


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