WPC: Path


is as good as arrest. But stay on the right path—


—and you are in line to be creamed. Even better then to get off the path and keep clear of the beaten track … at least then you don’t become part of someone’s tyres. Or as they say in America “You won’t get tired.”


you may have seen before but at Christmas we all get our chance to recycle. Today’s gorgeous wrappings are tomorrow’s bin fodder, no?

Moving on—


—the theme of the Challenge is ‘path’. Here we have the path traced by a crittur quite some time ago, a track left by a sea snail of some kind about a hundred million years back. I found it at Gemstone Beach and snaffled it from the many oodles just like it and identified it from a tourist guide book specialising in such. The piece is actually quite hard and a lot more robust than you might think.

Moving on—

test the path.png

The Spouse of the species, knowing that somewhere around here lies—

(a) a path (yes, please) and

(b) a wee creek (glug, glug and no, thanks) …

—but she can’t remember which is where, exactly.

Moving on—

road to infinity.png

A path to infinity. I remember from many years ago something to the effect that parallel lines never meet. And in another place some philosophically minded berk mathematician boldly stating that parallel lines meet at infinity. Ergo: Path to the infinite.

And now, for them wot likes ducks—


—have a nice duck.

He was making his own path through the waters when I shot him. Blame Maria (Bess) for bringing to my notice that a rotated (duck) can resemble a monstrous monster, so it’s all her fault. (Until then I was innocent, now I can’t see ducks without seeing monsters.)


“Cultural Enrichment”

c/o Maid Merkel

and her merry men minions.

pcI have just watched a u-toobe video. Seen the guy before in other shows but his name eludes me.

So I shan’t try to sell you on it (just over six minutes) but regardless of any facts involved, and his blatant lack of any PC … you can at least admire his passion.

Here ’tis—



—and history doesn’t seem to be judging ol’ Merky too badly, if what the guy says about her re-election chances is correct. For myself, I like the bit right at the beginning where the nice refugee helps what appears to be a young lady down the stairs. From ambush. (Is that sound tactical planning, or what? Well done, you!)




to the


gang. dodo-doodey


this comment some disappointed and lamenting soul posted on Amazon a couple of years ago—

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 07.31.07.png

—concerning the Dvd version of the ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’.

We too were disappointed. Horribly. We felt— we feel—shortchanged, ripped off, fleeced. Conned. Robbed.


the video cassette version of the movie, and when vids went the way of the dodo to be replaced by digital discs we replaced.

And were bitterly disappointed that the pivotal scene of the entire movie was cut. It was more than just a lovely song sweetly sung—the whole blasted plot hinged on it. Disney in its wisdom had made a travesty of its own big hit—not good.

I tried to analyse but speculation is not answers. Was there some greedy person trying to renege on a deal by demanding greater fees and/or bigger royalties?

Did the singer promise behind the scenes to sleep with someone with the power to obliterate her regardless of consequences—then renege, and get removed from the face of the film?

I have no idea. All I do know is that Disney has ripped me off and I’m a little peeved about it. But wait~! All is not lost; since then they’ve come up with a new issue, one that (wonders of wonders) actually includes the song! Boom boom!



for the second time we purchased as soon as the “Got the missing Song!” variant came out. We dragged up the sofa, popped the corn and settled in for — at last — the Promised Land.

Wrong again …

The scene was still out, cut, absent, gone, kablooied.

We sat through to the end, and right at the very last the missing song was sung— as a background voiceover, sound to fill the acoustic vacuum of closing credits and such. Not even the same voice.

If you’ve read this far this link will take you to what we were after, paid for, were sucked/conned into buying but didn’t get:

—and the singer in the ‘Here it is~!’ version had a much more powerful voice and dynamic delivery.

Nice, but entirely out of context …


Simply rebut me.

If you can.

I don’t want an apology, or an explanation. Or a sop ‘free sample’ of anything. All I want to receive, even at this late stage is the value-for-money (c’mon, Disney—you know, the goods) that I paid for (twice*).

Is that too much to ask?









  • Fool me once, yes.
  • Fool me a second time, I obviously deserve it.
  • Fool me a third time? No. Tolerant or not … I lack that much good will.



(Wot? Again?)

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 07.09.45.png

Naaaaah. Lightning don’t strike twice … pc

To read from source:  CLICK HERE

(but the source is yet another crank. Dammit, the world is full of ’em—thank heavens for that nice Mrs Merkel, a lone voice of humanity, goodness, kindness, rationality, common-sense, love, and generous compassion in a dark and seething world.)

As for the rest of em: bloody Nazis~!





The ‘literature’ is filled with contradictions, you know.

This is good, ‘cos I keep saying that contradictions are impossible.

So either we are are being duped … or people are duping us. Perhaps they are trying to dupe each other, the reasons being obvious—

  • short-term gain (financial, honours), sex
  • brief notoriety (fame by other means), sex

—and the beat goes on; ’twas ever thus.femur.jpg


cast your peepers on this     —>

which I happened across a few minutes ago whilst pursuing a chimerical hope.

To go there CLICK HERE

Don’t go there, though. It’s one of those webbies that can best be summarised as:  WOTIF

As in—

  • Wotif it were true?
  • Wotif he/she/they/it hath a good point?
  • Wotif only some of it be true?

Furthermore, brrr.

As The Sage so wisely says too often “Don’t go there, Mate—beyond here be monsters!”


We can no longer trust photographic ‘evidence’ (could we ever?). It is too easy to just dial up an image from the web, tweak-tweak, and then you have a genuine visitation from Jesus, God, Space-aliens, Mickey Mouse, the Great Maggot or whatever; right there on your own front lawn or being watched in public by hundreds of little children and their politically ‘well adjusted’ teachers.


Oh, come on! Who ever strolls up soggy cliffs?

But still that tiny voice deep within keeps bleating—


—and I have no way of shutting it up.

So I’m driven like some desperate peace-seeking ancient mariner to keep searching, searching, searching; and every blasted upturned rock reveals more and more blasted impossibilities that can neither be discounted on face-value alone, nor too often by logic/science.

Here, from the same crank source have another impossibility—


Quite cute really, and so is the pet


‘crank’ source? Indeed. There’s the Mainstream (hallelujah!) complete with certification and medals, and there’s (booo, hiss, spit) The Cranks.

The only thing I find amazing is the ability of the mainstream to instantly reverse course when doctrine becomes untenable, and baldy bellow words to the effect “YES! That’s what we’ve BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG!” (Volume helps, it seems) (Not facts …)


is written by the victors and too often the victor is the last guy left standing (regardless).


I also love ploughing through crank sites that have the words “Secret Vatican files …” or “US Government cover-ups exposed …” or similar. But always I’m entirely open to discussion—rebuttalise me if you see the need, and very welcome you’d be too.





Beyond here be Monsters!


Someone who

thinks like me.

We should have him stuffed and display him alongside the last dodo.

“Pork barrel legislation, waste, corruption and general mismanagement have also contributed to the government’s ballooning $20 trillion debt.

Yet the politicians continue to find ways steal from those who can least afford it while leading lives of luxury and excess.”

To read more:  CLICK HERE

Debt Time (old).png

… and that was a wee while ago …

Twenty trillion? Hah! Peanuts! Just watch and see what it will be in ten years, boom boom! (And then listen to the nostalgic bleating for today’s mere twenty trill.) Bust bust?

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Sir—what’s twenty trillion?”

“You can’t imagine it, huh, Kiddo? Okayyyy … think of twenty little money piles, each containing a million stacks, each stack a million dollars—”

“Ooooooohhhh …”

“—a million, singular, being of course a thousand heaps of a thousand.”

“Sir, my head hurts. Something I can relate to, please?”

“Okay. Suppose a one-dollar bill is four thousandths of an inch thick—”

“Oooohh … is it?”

“Possibly thicker, child, but let’s just suppose—”

“Okay. Got it. Two hundred and fifty of them make one inch. Er … so?”

“So twenty trillion of them would make a pile reaching from the surface of the Earth—”

“—to the height of the Empire State Building? That’s aweso—”

“A wee bit more than that, Kiddo. Try again—”

“To as high as cruising airliners?  Satellites? Naaaa …”

“You’ll love this. A pile of one dollar notes equivalent to the current United States National Debt—”

“Sir, please get on with it! Look, I’m all twitchy!”

“Would reach from sea level to …

“Oh, come onnnnnn~!”

“—lemme see now; quick sums make it roughly 1,262,626 miles in height, which is the same as—”


“The distance from sea level to the moon—”


“And back—”

“Oh … er, double wow?”

“Two and a half times!”

“Oh, Mister Argus! That’s cruel of you! You know how gullible I am where you’re concerned—”

“But, my sweet wee Cherub, we could use thousand dollar notes instead—”

“Enough, Sir! My head is spinning!

“Don’t fret it, Child. The Americans obviously don’t.”

Worms can






fiddle.png… same old tune.

So here’s a wee challenge for you, make of it what you will.Below I shall paste a small ‘taster’ paragraph from the blogsite of a lady who is much better educated and far more aware than I, and equally as long-winded (actually, superior).


that the snippet whets your appetite. If it does, and you go there, please do me a minuscule favour and as you read through—

  • delete the words ‘John Key’ and insert the name of your very own Ruler (president, premier, king, emperor, whatever) in place; and
  • change the name ‘New Zealand’ to that of your very own home nation
  • likewise tweak political parties (and occasionally bits of history).

You’ll figure it out—

—and when done perhaps, just perhaps, you’ll see where I’m coming from with this exercise.

If not, well … it was fun anyway.



This is not the New Zealand for which our parents and grandparents fought in the name of freedom. It has been sold out from under our feet – a betrayal of everything for which they fought.  And Key, seeing the writing on the wall, has been very much part of this sell-out – leaving just in time to no doubt claim his personal knighthood?

……….—make of it what we may.

To read the whole at source: CLICK HERE 

My own next post will be over on my Dreaming Cavalier site where I try to keep everything light-hearted and benign.

(My sister sent me some lovely observant haiku on pussycats; too good not to spread around; although I have no idea to whom I owe credit for creating them.)