the untold story.

Now told—

—but who the hell cares? pc

It’s all ancient history now, isn’t it?

Of no earthly relevance to today … other than we can bring it out on PH Day (and other anniversaries) for a good old emotive weep-fest; you know, salute the flag with manly tearful eyes and pledge pledges and all that other stirring stuff. Then back to sleep until the next ‘salute the heroes‘ occasion; life goes on and we mustn’t let such ancient histories take over and rule our lives—no more than every day is Christmas.


(I love it when organic robots respond to their programming, it restores my faith in human nature) I urge you to set aside some of your conditioning and not only visit this link: HERE

but to actually think about it.

You know, try to get below the surface a bit, the ol’ who-why-what-and how stuff.

And, if you can spare the time, how about revisiting the issue of the USS Liberty (entering history and going down for the final time even as we read—not many of those sacrificia dupe victi expendables guys left now either.)

Does any of it affect you today, you decent honest little voter, you?*


dent in Liberty, courtesy of Israel & the US government


* Naaaaahhhhh …

6 thoughts on “ISOLATED BY HISTORY

  1. Dammit all … people should reblog and publicise that post of yours until it goes viral. It should be raised and discussed in every forum there is, especially the Halls Of Learning.

    But it won’t be though.
    Not whilst the panem et circenses hold centre stage. So the beat goes on …


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