being a wet blanket … cuckoo


anything to do with the notion of ‘time travel’. Isn’t there something challenging, impossible, feasible … and even (dammit) satisfying about the idea?

It seems so ‘logical’ — if two places exist, it must be possible to travel between them. All you need is the right equipment. Yeahhhhh …


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quick peek at u-toobe brings up (too often) funny little ‘photos’ purporting to show time travellers (often some gowk peering over the unknowing shoulder of some famous name.) Or anachronistic artefacts.

Or quotes from highly regarded citizens claiming to have had ‘time slip’ experiences—the two UK schoolmarms Moberley and Wossername in Paris, Air Marshall Goddard and his out-of-character airfield. All the stuff of fiction but claiming to be fact—

According to Miss Moberly and Miss Jourdain, that afternoon they encountered a succession of people in late-18th-century costume, some of whom spoke to them. At the time, they thought little of it. The first of these spectres was a servant woman shaking a sheet from the window of a building (later found to be non-existent), followed by a pair of ill-mannered “gardeners” in uniform (subsequently identified by the ladies as Swiss Guards), then a repulsive-looking man with a pockmarked face leaning on a balustrade next to a rocky outcrop. He was followed by a handsome, out-of-breath young man in a wide-brimmed hat, who appeared as if from nowhere behind them and told them to go back to the palace immediately. The climax of this ghostly tour was a woman seen sketching (by Miss Moberly only, although in later testimony Miss Jourdain said she could sense a presence), who could only have been Marie Antoinette – that is what the ladies claimed.

To read from source:  CLICK HERE

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I appreciate a good story as much as anyone. And in my lifetime I’ve seen real things change so unbelievably that if I’d been told about them as a pup I’d have rolled about howling with laughter at all the marvellous jokes.


think that TT is impossible? How about:

if something has already happened, it happened exactly as it was ever going to (doomed?) happen. And having happened—it can’t be ‘unhappened’ (duuuuh) … so?

So if you (you clever little Time Travelling person, you) … go back a million years or a mere ten minutes and discover yourself to be in a simple rain shower you will have (a) major problems, and (b) a very limited survival span. How so?

If a raindrop fell ten minutes (or thirty million years) ago—it fell. It fell, and that falling is a fact of history. If you suddenly popped out of nowhere, directly in its historically established path—it would pass blithely right through you as if you weren’t even there. No? A simple squall of raindrops would shred you more thoroughly than a burst of fire from a machine-gun.

Actually, to heck with their silly raindrops—even a gentle breeze back then would rearrange you.

Wow—500 words already and I’m hardly even started. Still, that’s enough of a challenge to preconceptions: let battle commence.

Show me where I’m wrong*













* Go back and change the past? Hell … you can’t even change the future. No?

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