Especially against The Establishment. devil-1

Thanks to modern ‘education’ we have the blanket—almost compulsory—acceptance of what is nothing other than ‘scientifically proven’ urban myth.


across items like wot this snippet is snup from:


1. You need drugs
I quit all drugs in 2007. I was on heavy drugs for over 14 years and my health continued to decline. These included antidepressants, painkillers, anti-anxiolytics, laxatives, mood stabilizers, sedatives  and antibiotics. The mental illness and pain were actually the result of Lyme Disease, mineral deficiencies and eating foods that caused an inflammatory response. 

2.The sun will give you cancer
I increased sun exposure. Research shows clearly that low blood levels of vitamin D are linked with a higher risk of cancer. Our most natural way to get Vitamin D is still the sun – despite the fact that it has been demonized over the years. Vitamin D is an important infection-fighter and key ingredient for a healthy functioning immune system.  Note: Those of us with chronic infections do not have healthy immune systems, and typically have very low stores of Vitamin D.  If you are fair or have avoided sunbathing for many years you will have to condition your skin to receive direct sun. Start with a few minutes per day and work your way up. Do not burn your skin. Most days I get at least 1 -2 hours of sun per day. I walk, swim or do aqua-fit most mornings.  You can read my article on Beach Therapy for a better explanation of why I love the sun, sea and sand. My skin is lovely and I get many compliments on it.

For Source:  CLICK HERE 

—but:  I must admit, I’m a self-confessed anti-establishment anti-bulldefecations cynical oldish poop. I’ve survived to a moderate age in reasonable health simply by being aware (never had a stitch, never been knocked out and never had a broken bone).

I (a genuine card-carrying cynical sceptic, don’t forget) always ask myself “Cui bono?”*. Or as The Literature of Quality Assurance blithely tells us:


“Always ask ‘WHY?’ at least five times”


—and the theory is that being so dedicatedly inquisitive should get you in the ball park and within range of the real Root Cause. BUT: be careful!

Asking it of your Government—wherever you are—could lead to some pretty revolting thoughts. Brrr …


* Chewy boney? That’s dog language for “Who benefits?” (Who-whom-him-her-he-she; never me …)


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