As a given I accept that modern ‘education’ has a lot to be doubleplus unproud of. But the New Wave PC has even less. Under the guise of ‘values’ PC expects us to accept a whole lot of cra  drivel as fact. Propaganda masquerading as ‘thought’.


obviously originated in the USA. I’m not an American. But I am a human being, despite being of white Anglo-Saxon honky extraction (I can trace my ancestry all the way back across the ages and generations to Grandpa) … so?

So here your snippet—

not all B & W.png

sourced at/from: CLICK HERE

—and me being so very far behind the cutting edge of thought I have no idea what a ‘cuck’ is. Possibly I’m better off not knowing …


rather than the PC trying to control the thinking of other people with their puerile slogans and pathetic guilt trips wouldn’t it be better for people—black, white, polka-dotted or whatever—to simply make their own minds up? Value judgements?


is a label. I accept that in some places the difference between life and death could well boil down to colour—so I avoid those places (I imagine that likewise do the clucks that call us cucks—why would that be, do you think?).


I refuse to accept unearned guilt. My own conscience is totally (should I repeat that, for the indoctrinated and brain dead?) totally clear. You may call me a racist as much as you like for not loving my diverse brothers on face value; or even (shock, horror, dismay) my white brethren.

I extend my goodwill to all … but not my ‘love’.

My love has to be earned.

My love doesn’t come with the rain. It’s neither a given nor a consequence of co-existence.

My goodwill gives folks room to demonstrate that they are worthy of the chance to earn my love. Anyone who ‘loves’ all comers (white, black, slit-eyed, round-eyed, yellow, brown, mulatto, whatever) on face value is … for want of a better word … indiscriminate.


by anything I’ve written here: good.

It means that

(a) I’ve succeeded as a writer, and

(b) you really do need to look beyond your conditioning.


is the freedom to think, to observe the world around us and make our own (PC folks, please note) conclusions, based on reality.

The first and foremost reality is (as I state often) that


and anyone commanding me to ‘love’ people simply because of their skin colour is both a wannabe dictator and an unrealistic dilly-whacking controlling prat out for his/her own gain at my expense. Yours too. Not good …


there are indeed an awesome amount of raving foaming-at-the-mouth racists out there.

So the starting point for the do-gooders (our wannabe controllers) should always be—if they are sincere—why?

Why so?

Rather than try to control the fairly reasonable (the unreasonable simply won’t buy it) (lucky them) they should be looking at root causes. You know, go back to the source and start there. Ask ‘why?’ at least five times.

But they won’t







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