WPC: Path


is as good as arrest. But stay on the right path—


—and you are in line to be creamed. Even better then to get off the path and keep clear of the beaten track … at least then you don’t become part of someone’s tyres. Or as they say in America “You won’t get tired.”


you may have seen before but at Christmas we all get our chance to recycle. Today’s gorgeous wrappings are tomorrow’s bin fodder, no?

Moving on—


—the theme of the Challenge is ‘path’. Here we have the path traced by a crittur quite some time ago, a track left by a sea snail of some kind about a hundred million years back. I found it at Gemstone Beach and snaffled it from the many oodles just like it and identified it from a tourist guide book specialising in such. The piece is actually quite hard and a lot more robust than you might think.

Moving on—

test the path.png

The Spouse of the species, knowing that somewhere around here lies—

(a) a path (yes, please) and

(b) a wee creek (glug, glug and no, thanks) …

—but she can’t remember which is where, exactly.

Moving on—

road to infinity.png

A path to infinity. I remember from many years ago something to the effect that parallel lines never meet. And in another place some philosophically minded berk mathematician boldly stating that parallel lines meet at infinity. Ergo: Path to the infinite.

And now, for them wot likes ducks—


—have a nice duck.

He was making his own path through the waters when I shot him. Blame Maria (Bess) for bringing to my notice that a rotated (duck) can resemble a monstrous monster, so it’s all her fault. (Until then I was innocent, now I can’t see ducks without seeing monsters.)



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