“Cultural Enrichment”

c/o Maid Merkel

and her merry men minions.

pcI have just watched a u-toobe video. Seen the guy before in other shows but his name eludes me.

So I shan’t try to sell you on it (just over six minutes) but regardless of any facts involved, and his blatant lack of any PC … you can at least admire his passion.

Here ’tis—



—and history doesn’t seem to be judging ol’ Merky too badly, if what the guy says about her re-election chances is correct. For myself, I like the bit right at the beginning where the nice refugee helps what appears to be a young lady down the stairs. From ambush. (Is that sound tactical planning, or what? Well done, you!)



4 thoughts on ““Cultural Enrichment”

  1. I have, on occasion, pondered leaving SA and when the time arrives, retire in either the UK or Portugal.
    However, I have a sneaking suspicion that by that time, SA might be the better option and we should stay put and to hell with ”Getting back to my roots”.

    All I could say throughput this video was WTF.


  2. You’ve made a good home, Ark. I was told a few years (ok, ages) ago that—

    “You can never go back”

    —the Chinese sages said that a man can never step in the same river twice.

    Failing all that, NZ is still a nice place but we too have PC movements trying to get the government to relax a bit and import more (!) ‘refugees’ …

    As Tennyson put it: “The old order changes, yielding place to new etc etc”. I’m just ultra glad I never reproduced and for me the future is all academic.


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