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this comment some disappointed and lamenting soul posted on Amazon a couple of years ago—

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 07.31.07.png

—concerning the Dvd version of the ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’.

We too were disappointed. Horribly. We felt— we feel—shortchanged, ripped off, fleeced. Conned. Robbed.


the video cassette version of the movie, and when vids went the way of the dodo to be replaced by digital discs we replaced.

And were bitterly disappointed that the pivotal scene of the entire movie was cut. It was more than just a lovely song sweetly sung—the whole blasted plot hinged on it. Disney in its wisdom had made a travesty of its own big hit—not good.

I tried to analyse but speculation is not answers. Was there some greedy person trying to renege on a deal by demanding greater fees and/or bigger royalties?

Did the singer promise behind the scenes to sleep with someone with the power to obliterate her regardless of consequences—then renege, and get removed from the face of the film?

I have no idea. All I do know is that Disney has ripped me off and I’m a little peeved about it. But wait~! All is not lost; since then they’ve come up with a new issue, one that (wonders of wonders) actually includes the song! Boom boom!



for the second time we purchased as soon as the “Got the missing Song!” variant came out. We dragged up the sofa, popped the corn and settled in for — at last — the Promised Land.

Wrong again …

The scene was still out, cut, absent, gone, kablooied.

We sat through to the end, and right at the very last the missing song was sung— as a background voiceover, sound to fill the acoustic vacuum of closing credits and such. Not even the same voice.

If you’ve read this far this link will take you to what we were after, paid for, were sucked/conned into buying but didn’t get:

—and the singer in the ‘Here it is~!’ version had a much more powerful voice and dynamic delivery.

Nice, but entirely out of context …


Simply rebut me.

If you can.

I don’t want an apology, or an explanation. Or a sop ‘free sample’ of anything. All I want to receive, even at this late stage is the value-for-money (c’mon, Disney—you know, the goods) that I paid for (twice*).

Is that too much to ask?









  • Fool me once, yes.
  • Fool me a second time, I obviously deserve it.
  • Fool me a third time? No. Tolerant or not … I lack that much good will.

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