The ‘literature’ is filled with contradictions, you know.

This is good, ‘cos I keep saying that contradictions are impossible.

So either we are are being duped … or people are duping us. Perhaps they are trying to dupe each other, the reasons being obvious—

  • short-term gain (financial, honours), sex
  • brief notoriety (fame by other means), sex

—and the beat goes on; ’twas ever thus.femur.jpg


cast your peepers on this     —>

which I happened across a few minutes ago whilst pursuing a chimerical hope.

To go there CLICK HERE

Don’t go there, though. It’s one of those webbies that can best be summarised as:  WOTIF

As in—

  • Wotif it were true?
  • Wotif he/she/they/it hath a good point?
  • Wotif only some of it be true?

Furthermore, brrr.

As The Sage so wisely says too often “Don’t go there, Mate—beyond here be monsters!”


We can no longer trust photographic ‘evidence’ (could we ever?). It is too easy to just dial up an image from the web, tweak-tweak, and then you have a genuine visitation from Jesus, God, Space-aliens, Mickey Mouse, the Great Maggot or whatever; right there on your own front lawn or being watched in public by hundreds of little children and their politically ‘well adjusted’ teachers.


Oh, come on! Who ever strolls up soggy cliffs?

But still that tiny voice deep within keeps bleating—


—and I have no way of shutting it up.

So I’m driven like some desperate peace-seeking ancient mariner to keep searching, searching, searching; and every blasted upturned rock reveals more and more blasted impossibilities that can neither be discounted on face-value alone, nor too often by logic/science.

Here, from the same crank source have another impossibility—


Quite cute really, and so is the pet


‘crank’ source? Indeed. There’s the Mainstream (hallelujah!) complete with certification and medals, and there’s (booo, hiss, spit) The Cranks.

The only thing I find amazing is the ability of the mainstream to instantly reverse course when doctrine becomes untenable, and baldy bellow words to the effect “YES! That’s what we’ve BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG!” (Volume helps, it seems) (Not facts …)


is written by the victors and too often the victor is the last guy left standing (regardless).


I also love ploughing through crank sites that have the words “Secret Vatican files …” or “US Government cover-ups exposed …” or similar. But always I’m entirely open to discussion—rebuttalise me if you see the need, and very welcome you’d be too.





Beyond here be Monsters!


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