Someone who

thinks like me.

We should have him stuffed and display him alongside the last dodo.

“Pork barrel legislation, waste, corruption and general mismanagement have also contributed to the government’s ballooning $20 trillion debt.

Yet the politicians continue to find ways steal from those who can least afford it while leading lives of luxury and excess.”

To read more:  CLICK HERE

Debt Time (old).png

… and that was a wee while ago …

Twenty trillion? Hah! Peanuts! Just watch and see what it will be in ten years, boom boom! (And then listen to the nostalgic bleating for today’s mere twenty trill.) Bust bust?

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Sir—what’s twenty trillion?”

“You can’t imagine it, huh, Kiddo? Okayyyy … think of twenty little money piles, each containing a million stacks, each stack a million dollars—”

“Ooooooohhhh …”

“—a million, singular, being of course a thousand heaps of a thousand.”

“Sir, my head hurts. Something I can relate to, please?”

“Okay. Suppose a one-dollar bill is four thousandths of an inch thick—”

“Oooohh … is it?”

“Possibly thicker, child, but let’s just suppose—”

“Okay. Got it. Two hundred and fifty of them make one inch. Er … so?”

“So twenty trillion of them would make a pile reaching from the surface of the Earth—”

“—to the height of the Empire State Building? That’s aweso—”

“A wee bit more than that, Kiddo. Try again—”

“To as high as cruising airliners?  Satellites? Naaaa …”

“You’ll love this. A pile of one dollar notes equivalent to the current United States National Debt—”

“Sir, please get on with it! Look, I’m all twitchy!”

“Would reach from sea level to …

“Oh, come onnnnnn~!”

“—lemme see now; quick sums make it roughly 1,262,626 miles in height, which is the same as—”


“The distance from sea level to the moon—”


“And back—”

“Oh … er, double wow?”

“Two and a half times!”

“Oh, Mister Argus! That’s cruel of you! You know how gullible I am where you’re concerned—”

“But, my sweet wee Cherub, we could use thousand dollar notes instead—”

“Enough, Sir! My head is spinning!

“Don’t fret it, Child. The Americans obviously don’t.”

Worms can





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