‘THEY’ say Tur Key.jpg

that if you don’t vote then you have no right to complain when you get saddled with the inevitable self-serving turkeys elected by someone else.

I Say


It is (okay, it should be) blatantly over-obvious even to a blind man in an uncandled house peering up a sooty chimney at midnight in a moonless midwinter snowstorm that—

“If you do vote you surrender any right of complaint.”


I state this often and have never been taken to task over it. (Why not, I wonder?)


and so does anyone with a modicum of nous that the prime minister of New Zealand (a John Key*) would go far**. I also stated that once he’s left NZ there’ll be a sinecure path to the very top awaiting him in the misnamed United Nations Organisation Money Pit.


that I’m not the only cuckoo in the clutch. Wait! Before you go …  what makes YOUR country any different?

Contrary to the usual media suspects’ fulsome praise now heaped on John Key, recently suddenly announcing he’s had enough of being a politician, there’s excellent reason to argue we have been ill-served by a capricious, wilful politician whose tenure in office has been a massive political failure.

A well-informed body of public opinion recognises the damage wrought by this extraordinarily ambitious individual. In effect, his egoistical rule of cabinet turned National Party MPs into a bunch of disgracefully compliant yes-men and -women.

To read it at source: CLICK HERE 


  • what’s unusual?
  • What’s different?
  • Aren’t they all the same, everywhere?

Just yes-men? Just yes-people, who because they want to stay aboard the Gravy Boat they sit up and bray as-and-when-and-how on demand?

And folks like YOU elected them? (I certainly didn’t …)


*   Yes. That could indeed well be rhyming slang …

** Soon, please~!



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