fiddle.png… same old tune.

So here’s a wee challenge for you, make of it what you will.Below I shall paste a small ‘taster’ paragraph from the blogsite of a lady who is much better educated and far more aware than I, and equally as long-winded (actually, superior).


that the snippet whets your appetite. If it does, and you go there, please do me a minuscule favour and as you read through—

  • delete the words ‘John Key’ and insert the name of your very own Ruler (president, premier, king, emperor, whatever) in place; and
  • change the name ‘New Zealand’ to that of your very own home nation
  • likewise tweak political parties (and occasionally bits of history).

You’ll figure it out—

—and when done perhaps, just perhaps, you’ll see where I’m coming from with this exercise.

If not, well … it was fun anyway.



This is not the New Zealand for which our parents and grandparents fought in the name of freedom. It has been sold out from under our feet – a betrayal of everything for which they fought.  And Key, seeing the writing on the wall, has been very much part of this sell-out – leaving just in time to no doubt claim his personal knighthood?

……….—make of it what we may.

To read the whole at source: CLICK HERE 

My own next post will be over on my Dreaming Cavalier site where I try to keep everything light-hearted and benign.

(My sister sent me some lovely observant haiku on pussycats; too good not to spread around; although I have no idea to whom I owe credit for creating them.)




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