let the ol’ mind run along the tracks, gather speed, and take off into the outright wacky.

Try this on for size:

One of which is the fact that US men still have to register for the draft. Despite the fact there’s vanishingly little chance they’ll ever be drafted, this, according to the Farrell school of thought, is proof that men remain the ‘disposable sex’, the only section of society that can wilfully be submitted for ‘genocide’. As, apparently, does the fact that men still dominate professions – such as construction – that have high on-the-job fatality rates.

To read from source:  CLICK HERE

There. If the writer is any judge, all the fuss and feathers about the coming nuclear holocaust and WW3 are just so much hot air (so blame Al Gore, again). ‘Vanishingly little chance’ indeed. So perhaps the CIA and Mrs Clinton and all the other Russia/China vilifiers are mistaken? Purely by accident, or course—no design nor intent at all.


Although I have a nostalgic yearning for the days when I could refer to The Spouse as the SAFO* … I actually kind of like the genderal equality these days. Not that I’d be overly delighted if some damsel were to best me in arm wrestling—I’m not yet that liberated; and it still grates my ears when a crowd of schoolgirls goes by innocently effing and blinding like fury. I’ve mentioned to The Spouse several times: I pity kids these days—they have no swear words. She understands but most Southlanders (bless their furry socks) don’t. Why is that?


nose of the Politically Correct (a term I use for the genderically correct too) … I am not a racist. Nor am I sexist. If I am anything it is this:

(a) all men (eeek!) People are equal—until by thought or deed they prove otherwise

(b) all people (as individuals) are indeed actually … individuals

(c) all individuals are entitled to the same basic human rights

—among which are the unarguable rights to the fruits of their own labours, talents, creativity etc. In other words, total Free Market … but as so few indoctrinated-since-birth people can understand that term: if we are to have taxes let them be applied equally across the board. Equal pay for equal input, equal taxes, equal benefits. (Duties, too, are taxes.)

dodo doodey.jpegI’M A DODO

in that I still like the idea of segregated toilets, bath/wash & changing rooms. Perhaps we might look at having such arrayed in blocks of three, labelled ‘Men’, ‘Women’, and ‘Undecided’?

Or maybe not.

People are people, end of story; the only non-people in my book are those who initiate violence.


* Soft And Fluffy One


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