post on the Salvation Army and similar ‘charities’ anyway but this news item pipped me at the post—





please, but—

—my understanding is that the Salvation Army was founded as a charity; one that in its early years did sterling work among the poor (and drunk). The Sallies raised money as musical bands playing in the streets—I remember them doing it, in uniform: street corners, men with drums, tooters, and ladies with tambourines. And collection buckets.

TODAY Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 20.02.26.png

they have a quasi-military structure and ‘charity’ stores in many places.

And huge modern premises called ‘Citadels’ which hum to the music of Big Business. (The citadel in Invercargill was recently demolished—I have no idea if it will be reestablished somewhere or whether ‘command’ will devolve to distant locations and be exercised via electronic networks.)

Sallies, were.png

The Salvation Army of New Zealand describes itself as a church …

Churches are tax exempt?

I like that idea. So did a nice Maori bloke who founded The ‘Destiny Church’ and seems to be doing well out of it. Bishop Tamaki and his wife spend a lot of time proselytising in places like Hawaii … working holy days of course, if not outright legitimate tax exempt ‘business’ trips. (Well done, that Bishop!*)

The woman, who did not wish to be named, approached the Birkenhead Salvation Army store on Monday for a secondhand statue of Buddha as a present for her mother.

She claims she was told the store did not sell them and if they did then they would throw them out.

“I asked why and she said ‘Because we are a Christian organisation’.”

Christian tolerance at its best. I like that too. But—

A Buddha for her Mum?

… she was told the store did not sell them and if they did then they would throw them out.

“I asked why and she said ‘Because we are a Christian organisation’.”

Christian business he means, and such cannot brook any competition for the worshippers’ dollar. Sallies, Catholics, Protestants … just names for specific franchises, nothing more. They sell something they haven’t got (salvation) as a form of insurance against the vengeance of something that no-one can ever satisfy or prove. Nice.

A Salvation Army representative Joel Supeck said: “As a Christian organisation it is our position that it would be inappropriate for us to sell items or artifacts of other religions.”

Sell opposition artefacts? Not even to fund charity to the poor, the needy, the huddled masses yearning to eat free—not good; but it’s perfectly okay to take their money—

“They deal with Jews, with Muslims and with Buddhists customers in the store.

Okaaaay … I get the picture. Makes me want to find a big enough bunch of sucke  believers and start my own church. Like this guy (below) did—

Bish Tammy 2.png

(to read article click the earnest sincere faces/picture)


it’s time for some enterprising busine religious person to start an entirely new ‘inter-denominational’ church. One open to folks of all faiths; be they Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Jain, Buddhist etc etc ad infinitem … wherein anyone may worship freely, so long as they drop a few clinkers into the collection bucket to pay for the upkeep of the building and the land taxes. And the Bishop’s car. And a wee helicopter so he can get to his needy quicker. And a small palac humble house for the clergy. And the occasional sabbatical to holy places like Santorini and Las Vegas …


* If you’re planning on opening a church-branch (okay, franchise) down here, Sir, please may I run it? I’d make a bloody good priest …

2 thoughts on “CHRISTIAN CHARITY

  1. I was talking with a real estate lady once. She bemoaned that her Southland hubby liked to sneak off at any opportunity to go fishing. I mentioned that the Islamics had a saying that “Allah doesn’t detract from a man’s allotted lifetime the hours spent fishing” and she promptly spun on me like a spitting spider, screeching that “I’m a Christian! So I don’t want to hear anything about Allah or the Muslims!”
    By these signs shall ye know them …

    Same God, note … just a different franchise.


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