and today.


So … anything in common? Don’t ask me, I’m just a cynic on the world stage. Go ask your leaders—and here’s a wee quote to help get you started:

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 12.44.27.png

it’s from: CLICK HERE

Yes. It IS concerning yesterday’s “rust bucket” post. The late great Santayana (no, dammit, not the Alamo bad guy) muttered words to the effect—

“Those who don’t learn the lessons of history

are condemned to repeat them”


—but the good news is that there’s no limit to how often we are allowed to repeat them (a working definition of infinity, in fact).


it’s always the little guys who take the lessons and the repeats. (Are we just a bit stupid, or what?)


affair—if I were on any of the nearby US carriers, destroyers etc etc etc when Liberty was being pestered by those annoying low-flying aircraft I would never, but never, ever let anyone know. Even the gob in charge of tramping the spud peelings into the buckets ready for emptying must have felt totally sickened and de-masculated by his part, however minor.


“So, what’s all the blasted whimpering about? It was only a bit of scorched paintwork, and that hole in the side was only tiny—

not much more than a dent, really.png

—not much more than a dent, really. Why all the squawking? Didn’t they get lots of lovely medals and citations and things sprinkled all over them—and they weren’t even at war, dammit?”

And they may mention that “the Captain—Liberty’s commanding officer, in fact—was caught unawares loafing about on the bridge casually dressed—


—guzzling what appears to be a coffee.”

Yeah, they might. Anyone without a clue or even one half of one fraction of a brain might. The US government ‘cover up’ team certainly would jump at the chance…


that ‘cute little hole’ again, this time in dry dock …

cute little hole.jpg

—and ponder the skills of a photographer who only tells half the story, huh?

Or the motivations of the ‘cover up’ team who tried so desperately to bury the story (the Captain, from memory, got his medal in a sneaked-in wee ceremony out of sight somewhere (dockside warehouse? Memory fails), instead of in a well deserved blaze of glory at The White House.) (Why?)


I get a wee bit cynical, or outright sarcastic. How else to jolt the complacent*? You’ll note that in my ‘tags’ I added the word ‘Justice’ with a question-mark. Why the query symbol, may we suppose?

If you have to ask: go ponder all possible meanings of the words ‘not good’ and see if they can be applied to the event in question …


* Hey Argus—slow down a bit! That’s voters ya talking about~!


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