pcbummer. Ah, well. There’s a quote from the ‘Charlie Brown’ series where Linus muses the expression “Until the last dog is hung”, and in the background an accidentally over-hearing Snoopy goes all fuzzy with the jitters.


So in the course of a recent brief correspondence involving Pearl Harbour, Vietnam, and Establishment two-faced blatant outright treachery I revisited this rather glamorous beat-up looking US Navy rust-bucket—

Be advised thatI haven’t yet viewed the U-tube video, I included it for the photo which shows just how low some people can go …

… I mean, just look at it! That’s a warship? Ye gods …

All rusty, poor paintwork, nothing washed-brushed-polished? No sign of life? Everyone in bed drunk? Holes in the side (other side, you can’t see it from here)? Sheesh! Have some folks no pride at all? No wonder the US Government tried for years to keep this out of sight and out of mind …


after the last dog is hung, all may be revealed.


So what, indeed … don’t hold your breath.

And for God’s sake, do something about that blasted mess~! (And we shan’t mention it again, shall we …) let bygones be bygones.




3 thoughts on “NOT MANY LEFT

  1. You want a quote? Try this—

    Fifteen years after the attack, an Israeli pilot approached Liberty survivors and then held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey about his role. According to this senior Israeli lead pilot, he recognized the Liberty as American immediately, so informed his headquarters, and was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.

    Later, a dual-citizen Israeli major told survivors that he was in an Israeli war room where he heard that pilot’s radio report. The attacking pilots and everyone in the Israeli war room knew that they were attacking an American ship, the major said. He recanted the statement only after he received threatening phone calls from Israel.



    1. That “rust-bucket” as you describe it had the day before been subjected to an air and naval attack that lasted longer than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

      Other damage photos can be seen at,,, and

      Among the awards won by the officers and crew of the USS Liberty are the Medal of Honor, two Navy Crosses, eleven Silver Stars, twenty Bronze Stars, nine Navy Commendations, 208 Purple Hearts, 294 Combat Action Ribbons, the Presidential Unit Citation and the National Security Agency Exceptional Service Civilian Award which makes the USS Liberty among the most decorated ship in US Navy history for a single event.

      Joe Meadors
      USS Liberty Survivor
      Director of Operations, USS Liberty Veterans Association


      1. You know that, and I know that.
        Sadly when all (r) all else fails, I resort to sarcasm.

        I still have Ennes’s book on the attack, have read lots about it on the web; and have another ‘sarcastic’ post lined up.
        No offense is intended to the US Navy (ex navy myself, the USN has my deepest respect)(and that ain’t pap—I really mean it) but the turkeys in charge deserve all the opprobrium I can generate and throw.

        My fury is because it happened at all—my utter frustration is that (a) the perpetrators have gotten away with it, are getting away with it, and will get away with it; and (b) time is passing.

        As an aside, Joe, I’ve been trying to figure from the website if those medallions are available to the public, at what dollars-price, and how to go about it? I say in dollars—we know what the real price was …


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