tot-time-alreadychange, don’t they, from age to age, but long may the continuity of Truth* reign supreme.


to justify this post’s title, here’s your snippets and link—

but first, the disclaimer quote (my own disclaimer—I’m one of them ‘cynic’ things you read about sometimes)—

…More than 200,000 documents and interviews have led me to these conclusions. I am indebted to the Freedom of Information Act and its author, the late Congressman John Moss…

(Did the author of the article actually read 200,000 documents? Wow!)

—without trying to be a tad nauseating I think that most moderns won’t read that many words in a lifetime (not unless the words are sliding across a screen having just introduced The Muppets).

Interviews too, brrrrr. Clever chap …


“Previous accounts have claimed that the United States had not cracked Japanese military codes prior to the attack. We now know this is wrong. Previous accounts have insisted that the Japanese fleet maintained strict radio silent. This, too, is wrong. The truth is clear: FDR knew.”  [5]

To read from source: CLICK HERE

or not.

Your call.Anytime, Baby!.png

And speaking of something actually important in life, I still watch the Muppets myself (my favourites are Gonzo and Animal) (but Miss Piggy: wow~!).

And just the other night we fished out our Dvd and rewatched ‘The Final Countdown’. It reminded me that my favourite American fighter aircraft of all time is still the F14 Tomcat. So my education is being kept up to date …

And it’s hard to think of USS Nimitz as being a museum piece but there ya goes. It’s also hard to think that the whole Pearl Harbor kerfuffle might have been avoided; but it all turned out alright in the end. For some … anyway, ‘TFC’ is still worth watching.

Truth? Well, we can only hope to live long enough to find it, but it will only ever be in retrospect.

Don’t hold your breath …



* Whatever the hell that is


3 thoughts on “PEARL HARBOR

  1. Ha! Tomcat my fav fighter also.
    Ever since Top Gun.Probably one of the top five most corny movies in the history of movie making.
    And I watched the Final Countdown about a month ago.
    How young Martin Sheen looked!
    And Kirk Douglas s well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. John Z wrote a post a while back that opened with this theory about Pearl and FDR.

    There was a similar ( but different) story concerning Vietnam I’m sure you will remember, about a supposed attack on a US gunboat in the South China Sea(?).
    And that was the clincher for the States to go at it full tilt.


    1. From memory that was the so-called ‘Tonkin incident’.

      Little remembered these days is how US aircraft loosened up an Australian navy destroyer not very long after a wee bit. After some grumpy letters back and forth the US rather shame-facedly admitted that they perhaps thought it might maybe perhaps have been a Viet Cong warship … so I guess mistakes can happen.

      Perhaps one day the truth will come out that the Japs thought they were attacking Nonking, and goofed likewise~? Hell, the Israelis loosened up the USS Liberty in ’67, and as far as I know are still trying to blame the Egyptians.

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